Libro Azul in English

Libro azul in English translation: blue book.

How to translate libro azul in English?. A book is a work composed of a set of sheets of paper, generally bound and protected with a cover thicker than its content sheets, which form a volume. The word book, as such, comes from the Latin liber, libri.

libro azul

In all times the book has been extremely important for humanity, as it is the instrument par excellence to transmit and obtain knowledge, beliefs, and culture.

Color blue:

The color blue is one of the primary colors that the human being is capable of perceiving, it is also a very popular color that symbolizes freedom, loyalty, harmony, fidelity, seriousness and truth. It is also associated with strength and authority, firmness, physical energy, intelligence and character. The color blue is generally associated with masculinity.

How to say libro azul in English?


book – libro

blue – azul

Sentences with the phrase libro azul in Spanish.

Tengo un libro azul en la gaveta de mi cuarto.I have a blue book in my bedroom drawer.
Aún mi amigo no me ha devuelto el libro azul.My friend still hasn’t returned the blue book.
He comprobado en el libro azul todas mis dudas.I have checked in the blue book all my doubts.
El libro azul vale más de lo que pensé.The blue book is worth more than I thought.
Se trata de un libro azul antiguo que contiene muchos secretos.It is an ancient blue book that contains many secrets.
Estaba el libro azul tirado en el suelo.The blue book was lying on the floor.
Sólo quedaba, pues, el libro azul para hacer cumplir las leyes.Only the blue book remained, then, to enforce the laws.
Quería traer el libro azul para que lo leyeras.I wanted to bring the blue book for you to read.
No he visto el libro azul en días.I haven’t seen the blue book in days.
Según el libro azul, es un tema complicado el de la brujería.According to the blue book, witchcraft is a complicated subject.
El hombre, al verla, soltó el libro azul y se levantó.The man, seeing her, dropped the blue book and stood up.
¡Daría lo que fuese por tener ese libro azul!He would give anything to have that blue book!
Alguien se ha robado el libro azul de mis pertenencias.Someone has stolen the blue book from my belongings.
E libro azul está caído en el suelo.The blue book is lying on the floor.
Me encantaría mucho tener un libro azul.I would very much love to have a blue book.
Los jueces consultaron el libro azul para salir de dudas.The judges consulted the blue book to clear up doubts.
El campesino arrojó el libro azul bien lejos.The peasant threw the blue book far away.
He sacado un libro azul de la biblioteca.I have checked out a blue book from the library.
El “libro azul” era una novela muy reconocida.The “blue book” was a well-known novel.
El libro azul fue escrito, editado y publicado en 1888.The Blue Book was written, edited, and published in 1888.
AL libro azul le faltaban diez páginas.The blue book was missing ten pages.
Cerró el libro azul y se dirigió a la escuela.He closed the blue book and headed to school.
Empezaré a escribir una historia sobre un libro azul.I’ll start writing a story about a blue book.
Los cosmonautas llevaron un libro azul con ellos al espacio.The cosmonauts took a blue book with them into space.
Abrió el libro azul y leyó muy despacio el cuento.He opened the blue book and slowly read the story.
El libro azul estaba repleto de poesías.The blue book was full of poetry.
Era un libro azul muy grande.It was a very large blue book.
Es mejor que ella lea el libro azul antes de irse a casa.She better read the blue book before she goes home.
Lo mejor en narrativa lo tiene este libro azul.The best in narrative has this blue book.
Se me cayó al agua este libro azul.I dropped this blue book in the water.
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