Last Vowel Removed – Conditional

Last Vowel Removed

Learn about the las vowel removed in the Conditional tense in Spanish. Study the Spanish conjugations and the Spanish grammar rules.

Last Vowel Removed

Note: Only “-er” verbs fall into this category.

To form the stem of these verbs, remove the vowel “e” from the infinitive ending. Then, add the conditional endings.


Subject – Poder (to be able to)

Yo (I) pod ría

Tú (You)(Informal) pod rías

Usted (You)(Formal) pod ría

Él /Ella(He/She) pod ría

Nosotros(as)(We) pod ríamos

Vosotros(as)(You)(Informal) pod ríais

Ustedes(You)(Formal) pod rían

Ellos(as)(They) pod rían


Other Verbs like “Poder”:

Infinitive – Conditional Stem

caber cab r-

haber hab r-

querer quer r-

saber –sab r-



Podríamos cambiar el hogar – We would be able to change the home

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