Is That Right in Spanish

Is That Right in Spanish

How to say is that right in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice is that right en español? Is that right in Spanish translation: está bien, eso es correcto, está eso correcto.

Sentences with the phrase that is right in Spanish

Yo fui a la panadería y los panes estaban quemados, ¿dime si esta eso correcto?I went to the bakery and the loaves were burnt, tell me if that is correct?
En el examen obtuviste la mínima, ¿crees que está eso correcto?In the exam you got the minimum, do you think that is correct?
¿Tu consideras que está eso correcto?Do you think that is correct?
Tienes toda la razón, está eso correcto.You are absolutely right, that is correct.
Está eso correcto y muy bien explicado.That is correct and very well explained.
Todo quedó bien ordenado y está eso correcto.Everything was well ordered and that is correct.
Obtuviste la máxima porque está eso correcto.You got the maxim because that’s right.
Que lindo mi niño, lo explicó y está eso correcto.How cute my boy, he explained it and that’s correct.
Si explicas el texto así seguro la maestra te dice que está eso correcto.If you explain the text like this, the teacher will surely tell you that it is correct.
Estoy segura que obtendrás buena nota porque está eso correcto.I’m sure you’ll get a good grade because that’s right.
¿Usted considera que está eso correcto?Do you think that is correct?
Quiso quedarse con mi cambio y me parece que no está eso correcto.He wanted to keep my change and I think that is not correct.
Se llevó la lechuga sin pagar y no está eso correcto.He took the lettuce without paying and that is not correct.
Ayer fui al restaurante y me trataron mal, y no está eso correcto.Yesterday I went to the restaurant and they treated me badly, and that is not correct.
Los dependientes tratan muy bien a los clientes, está eso correcto.The clerks treat the customers very well, that is correct.
Ese símbolo quiere decir que está eso correcto.That symbol means that it is correct.
Cuando la maestra asienta con la cabeza significa que está eso correcto.When the teacher nods her head, it means that this is correct.
Ya lo revisé y está eso correcto.I already checked it and that is correct.
Sigue escribiendo asi que está eso correcto.Keep writing so that’s right.
Hasta ahora lo que leí está eso correcto.So far what I read is that correct.
Mi madre dice que está eso correcto.My mother says that is correct.
No pensaste en nadie cuando te comiste el dulce y no está eso correcto.You didn’t think of anyone when you ate the candy and that’s not right.
Le tiraron piedras a los animalitos, no está eso correcto.They threw stones at the little animals, that is not correct.
No asistieron a la escuela, no está eso correcto.They did not attend school, that is not correct.
Mintieron al decir que estaban enfermos, no está eso correcto.They lied when they said they were sick, that is not correct.
No voy a exponer eso porque no está eso correcto.I am not going to expose that because that is not correct.
Dice mi padre que no está eso correcto.My father says that is not correct.
Tomó sin permiso el lápiz de Juan y no está eso correcto.He took Juan’s pencil without permission and that is not correct.
No te voy a encubrir porque no está eso correcto.I’m not going to cover for you because that’s not right.
Me parece que no está eso correcto.It seems to me that this is not correct.

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