Is Spanish Hard To Learn

Would you like to know if it is hard to learn Spanish? In this article we will answer this popular question and give you some recommendations on how to learn the Spanish language easily.

Is Spanish Hard To Learn

The Spanish language is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​on the planet and continues to increase due to the number of non-Spanish speaking students who venture into the great difficult career. It comes from Latin and is a Romance language as are the languages Portuguese, French, and Italian. There are many reasons why so many decide to learn it: for professional reasons, to feel the pleasure of communicating with Spanish-speaking people, doing tourism in those countries, because they get married or make friends with people they meet through travel for personal reasons. It is, like many other languages, difficult and complex.

Is Spanish hard to learn for English speakers?

is Spanish hard to learn

To learn the Spanish language you need many hours of study. One of the most difficult aspects of it is its verbal system which is very extensive and complicated. Verbs are conjugated in three persons, each of which has a singular or plural form. It has several verb tenses that are classified in tenses
simple and compound tenses. Among the simple tenses are Present, Preterite, Imperfect Past, Future, and Conditional. In addition, there are the compound tenses where the Progressive, Perfect, and Perfect Progressive are found.

The intonation of words and the different ways of giving them meaning are other difficult issues in this Romance language. Some words change their meaning depending on how intonation is given. For example, the word “sabana” without an accent and with the pronunciation force in the syllable “ba” means “very extensive plain with little vegetation of trees”. Meanwhile, the word “sábana” with the pronunciation force in “sá ” means “piece of cloth used to cover the bed and cover-up”.

Every language is complicated no matter how easy it may seem on the audiovisual media and it is always good to take into account some requirements so that learning is easier for you. Below we will give you some very important suggestions on how to learn the Spanish language more easily:

4 Suggestions to learn easily

  1. Spanish course. Firstly, you can take a Spanish language course in your country while you study for your career or work and with the guidance of a Spanish-speaking teacher, you can feel like a Spanish speaker in the classroom.
  2. Live in a Spanish-speaking country. Study or live in a Spanish-speaking country and you will see how your vocabulary increases day by day. As a foreigner, you are forced to adapt to the environment that surrounds you and to the prevailing need to communicate to solve everyday situations and make your way. You will have to carry a basic dictionary with which, in times of trouble, you will be able to clear up doubts without having to bother the passerby for an explanation.
  3. Watch TV. You can choose to watch movies, documentaries, novels and everything useful as an audiovisual to feel immersed in the monologues. Also with the dialogues that they contain, you will see how the words of the actors and different participants in the television programs are expressed and intoned.
  4. Listen to music. Music is another tool that can greatly help the development of learning. Many hours of listening study can yield good results. Since you are little, you learn by listening and pronouncing the word several times until you learn and say it. In addition, the ear gets used to the language and makes it it’s own.

In conclusion, the Spanish language is becoming more and more global. It is a language that requires a lot of effort, sacrifice, and long hours of study to achieve good results. Speaking, writing and listening practice are essentials. Having the materialization of these three powerful methods, you will be able to cross borders and exchange opinions.

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