Indirect Commands in Spanish

What is an indirect command in Spanish?

Indirect Commands in Spanish

Learn how to use the indirect commands in Spanish.

Note: When the command is given through a third party, indirect commands in Spanish are used. The form is “que + Present subjunctive”


Que venga Rosa. – Let Rose come.

Que vengan a las once – Have them come at eleven o’clock.

Que hable lo que tiene que hablar- Let him speak what he has to speak


Note: Indirect commands are also used to convey a hope or a wish.

Que le ganes la pelea – (I want) you (to) win the fight.

Que tenga un feliz cumpleaños – May you have a happy birthday

Que logres tu objetivo – (I want) you (to) achieve your goal


– The following examples include pronouns and negative commands.

Que no venga Rosa. – Do not let Rose come.

Que no vengan a las once – Do not have them come at eleven o’clock.

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