How to say: I am Learning in Spanish

5 Tips to Being Successful With Your Spanish Language Course


Spanish language courses come in all different packages. There are different approaches to learning a new language, and there are different Spanish language courses designed for different types of learners. Some constants are the same for every language learner. 


I am learning in Spanish means “Yo estoy aprendiendo el Español”. Here are five things that will help you be successful with your Spanish language course and find out if really you are learning this romantic language.


#1 Commitment: You can have a $1000 Spanish language course or a $10 one but, if you are not 100% committed to learning the Spanish language, you will not be successful. Learning a new language is hard. You have to focus and decide that you will do what it takes to get through those moments when you are frustrated or confused. Top 100 Free Spanish Resources


#2 Practice: With our world becoming smaller and smaller, it is not that difficult to find a person with whom you can practice your Spanish. When you are working through your Spanish language course, you may want to consider finding someone you can have a conversation with. Try to find someone who is learning English, and you can work with each other to correct your mistakes. This will jump-start your language learning and ensure that your pronunciation is correct with someone you don’t have to feel intimidated.

#3 Don’t skip the basics: Take the time to learn the basics through your Spanish language course. You may already hear Spanish being spoken around you in many parts of the US, and you may know some of the languages already. Don’t confuse this with the ability to skip over the basics. The basics are the foundation of the language and help you determine when verbs are irregular or other exceptional circumstances where Spanish can be confusing.


#4 Watch TV: If you have basic cable, the chances are that you have at least 1 Spanish channel. To supplement your Spanish language course, you can commit to watching 30 minutes of news in Spanish. You may find it very interesting to compare and contrast the information you hear on US channels and Spanish channels. It is an excellent opportunity to understand the culture better as well as immerse yourself in the language.


#5 Have Fun: If your language course doesn’t already include it, find some games that you can play in Spanish. This is external pressure, fun way to practice the language and reconfirm in your mind the things you have already learned. Ensure that your learning has some visual aspect to it to engage both you left and right brains.


People take Spanish language courses for several reasons. Some want to travel to Spanish speaking countries; others need to learn the language to further their career; still, others want to communicate with Spanish speakers. Whatever the case, be sure that the Spanish course that you are using matches your learning style. If there are aspects of the course/program that are lacking, use some of the tools listed above to ensure success and supplement your Spanish language course.

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