Hungry in Spanish

 How do you say hungry in Spanish?

Hungry in Spanish

How to translate hungry in Spanish? Hungry is an English word which describes a state of our body when it needs or requires food. We feel hungry when our stomach is craving or asking for some food. We can satiate our feeling of hunger by eating. Another word that can be used instead of hungry is famish or starve. 

The translation for hungry is ‘hambrienta’ for feminine and ‘hambriento’ for masculine.

Sentences with the word hungry in Spanish

¿Estás hambriento?You are hungry?
Eres un hambriento.You are hungry.
Siempre estás hambriento.You are always hungry.
¿Te sientes hambriento?Do you feel hungry?
Pablo está hambriento.Paul is hungry.
Te ves look hungry
Cuando estás hambriento siempre te enojas.When you are hungry you always get angry.
Pareces hambriento.You look hungry.
Come, te ves hambriento.Eat, you look hungry.
¡No hay quien te soporte cuando estás hambriento!There is no one to support you when you are hungry!
Llevo horas hambriento y no puedo salir a comprar comida.I’ve been hungry for hours and I can’t go out to buy food.
Mi bebé siempre está hambriento.My baby is always hungry.
Ya es hora de comida, debes estar hambriento.It’s time for food, you must be hungry.
¿Alguien está hambriento?Is anyone hungry?
¿Por qué no comes si estás hambriento?Why don’t you eat if you’re hungry?
Yo soy muy hambrienta.I am very hungry.
Me encuentro hambrienta desde la media tarde.I’ve been hungry since mid-afternoon.
Me da sueño cuando estoy hambrienta.It makes me sleepy when I’m hungry.
Estar hambrienta me cambia el humor.Being hungry changes my mood.
Me siento mal, muy hambrienta.I feel bad, very hungry.
Trabajar hambrienta es muy incómodo.Working hungry is very uncomfortable.
Llegué hambrienta a la casa.I came home hungry.
Es muy tarde y estoy hambrienta.It’s too late and I’m hungry
Ya estoy hambrienta, ¿qué hay de comer?I’m already hungry, what’s to eat?
Te preparé la merienda por si venías hambrienta.I prepared a snack for you in case you came hungry.
Estar hambrienta me ocasiona dolor de cabeza.Being hungry gives me a headache.
Deberíamos ir a cenar, estoy hambrienta.We should go to dinner, I’m hungry.
No puedo rendir académicamente mientras estoy hambrienta.I can’t perform academically while I’m hungry.
Mi novio dice que soy una hambrienta.My boyfriend says I’m hungry.
Llegué hambrienta de la escuela.I came home hungry from school.

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