How To Say Previous in Spanish

How to Say “Previous” in Spanish


Expanding your vocabulary and learning how to express different concepts in various languages is valuable for effective communication. In this article, we will explore how to say “previous” in Spanish. The term “previous” refers to something that occurred or existed before a particular point in time or in a sequence. Being able to convey this idea in Spanish allows you to describe the chronological order or refer to events that happened earlier.

How to Say “Previous” in Spanish

To say “previous” in Spanish, you can use the word “anterior.” This term accurately captures the concept of something happening or existing before another event or time. Here are a few examples:”La reunión anterior fue muy productiva” – This translates to “The previous meeting was very productive.” Use this phrase to refer to a meeting that occurred before the current one.”En el paso anterior, aprendimos los fundamentos” – This means “In the previous step, we learned the basics.” Use it to describe a step or stage that came before the current one.”La semana anterior fue muy ocupada” – This phrase translates to “The previous week was very busy.” It can be used to refer to the week that came before the current one.

Additional Vocabulary Related to “Previous”

Here are a few more terms that can be useful when discussing the concept of “previous”:”Tiempo” – This word means “time.” It can be used to discuss different time periods or moments in relation to “previous.””Antes” – This term translates to “before” or “previously.” It is often used to indicate a time or event that occurred earlier.”Secuencia” – This word means “sequence.” Use it to discuss the order of events or actions, emphasizing what comes before.


In conclusion, the Spanish word for “previous” is “anterior.” By incorporating this term and related vocabulary into your Spanish conversations, you can effectively express and discuss the idea of something happening or existing before another event or time. Whether you are describing a series of steps, referring to past occurrences, or discussing chronological order, understanding how to convey “previous” in Spanish enhances your language skills and promotes clearer communication. So, embrace the opportunity to expand your vocabulary and explore the concept of “previous” in Spanish!
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