How To Say Good Times in Spanish

How To Say “Good Times” in Spanish


Expressing the concept of “good times” in Spanish is essential for effectively communicating joy, happiness, and positive experiences. Whether you want to reminisce about memorable moments or express your enthusiasm for a fun-filled occasion, this article will guide you through various ways to convey “good times” in Spanish.

1. Buenos Tiempos

The most straightforward translation for “good times” in Spanish is “buenos tiempos.” This phrase is widely used and understood in Spanish-speaking countries to refer to enjoyable and memorable experiences. For example, you can say “Pasamos buenos tiempos juntos” meaning “We had good times together.”

2. Momentos Divertidos

Another way to express “good times” in Spanish is by using the phrase “momentos divertidos.” This phrase focuses on the aspect of having fun and enjoying oneself. It is commonly used when reminiscing about humorous or enjoyable experiences. For instance, “Recordemos aquellos momentos divertidos” translates to “Let’s remember those good times.”

3. Épocas Felices

To emphasize the notion of happiness and joy associated with “good times,” you can use the phrase “épocas felices.” This expression refers to periods or eras of happiness and is often used when discussing fond memories. For example, “Recuerdo con cariño esas épocas felices” means “I fondly remember those good times.”

4. Momentos Agradables

If you want to convey the idea of pleasant and enjoyable moments, you can use the phrase “momentos agradables.” This expression encompasses a wide range of positive experiences and can be used to describe various enjoyable situations. For instance, “Compartimos muchos momentos agradables juntos” translates to “We shared many good times together.”

Additional Vocabulary:

Diversión: FunAlegría: JoyGozo: DelightPlacer: PleasureJúbilo: JubilationEncuentros Memorables: Memorable encounters


Being able to express the concept of “good times” in Spanish allows you to convey joy, happiness, and positive experiences effectively. The most commonly used phrases include “buenos tiempos,” “momentos divertidos,” “épocas felices,” and “momentos agradables.” Remember to choose the most appropriate phrase based on the context and the specific nuance you want to convey. So, next time you want to express your excitement about a memorable experience or recall enjoyable moments, you’ll have the vocabulary you need to do so in Spanish. ¡Disfruta de los buenos tiempos! (Enjoy the good times!)
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