How To Say Give Me That in Spanish

How To Say “Give Me That” in Spanish


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to ask someone to give you something in Spanish, knowing the correct phrase can be invaluable. Expressing the phrase “Give me that” accurately will help you effectively communicate your request. In this article, we will explore different ways to say “Give me that” in Spanish, providing you with the necessary tools to express your needs or desires clearly.

1. “Dame eso”

One of the most common and straightforward ways to say “Give me that” in Spanish is by using the phrase “Dame eso.” This expression is widely understood and used in various contexts, ranging from informal to formal settings. It is a direct and concise way to request something from another person.

Spelling: Dame eso

Pronunciation: DAH-meh EH-soh

2. “Dame eso, por favor”

To add politeness and courtesy to your request, you can include the phrase “por favor,” which means “please.” This modified version, “Dame eso, por favor,” is more polite and can be used in situations where you want to maintain a respectful tone while making your request.

Spelling: Dame eso, por favor

Pronunciation: DAH-meh EH-soh, por fah-VOR

3. “Permíteme tener eso”

Another way to ask someone to give you something in a slightly more formal manner is by saying “Permíteme tener eso.” This phrase translates to “Allow me to have that” and can be used when you want to convey a sense of formality and politeness.

Spelling: Permíteme tener eso

Pronunciation: per-MEE-teh-meh TEH-nehr EH-soh

4. “Podrías dármelo”

If you want to express your request in a more indirect manner, you can use the phrase “Podrías dármelo.” This translates to “Could you give it to me” and is a polite way to ask someone for something without sounding overly direct.

Spelling: Podrías dármelo

Pronunciation: poh-DREE-ahs DAHR-meh-lo


Being able to ask someone to give you something in Spanish is a valuable skill. Whether you choose to use “Dame eso,” “Dame eso, por favor,” “Permíteme tener eso,” or “Podrías dármelo,” each phrase provides a different level of directness and politeness. Consider the context and the relationship with the person you are addressing to choose the most appropriate phrase. Remember, using polite and respectful language is essential in effective communication, and these phrases will help you express your needs or desires in a clear and courteous manner.
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