How do You Say Silver in Spanish

How do You Say Silver in Spanish | Vocabulary 


“La plata” (silver in Spanish) is a precious white and gray material. Despite not being like gold and being very scarce, it is in high commercial demand due to the ease and beauty of working it, as it is resistant and does not rust. It is used for dental amalgams and bullets, but its main use is in jewelry with a very good taste and shine when polishing. The extraction or excavation of it is varied since it can be found attached to other minerals such as copper and gold. Its symbol is AG from ancient Latin which meant very bright.



silver – plata

gold – oro

bronze – bronce

metal – metal

beauty – belleza

soft – suave

cooper – cobre

chemical elements – elementos químicos

periodic table – tabla periódica

bright – brillante


How to translate silver in Spanish?

This term is part of the chemical elements of the periodic table, located in group 11 of the same, it is identified with 47 as an atomic number and has Ag as a symbol. This element is described as a white and extremely bright object, however, scientifically it is described under transitions between gray and metallic white, it is malleable, ductile, and soft.

It is a natural mineral, but rare it represents only a small part of the earth’s surface compared to other minerals. Its form is free or generally of sulfur and is obtained thanks to by-products in the treatments of lead, gold, zinc, and copper mines.



I loved the silver ring – Me encantó el anillo de plata

I’ll buy Pedro a silver chain – Le compraré a Pedro una cadena de plata

That silver has a lot of shine  – Esa plata tiene mucho brillo

how do you say silver in Spanish translation


Etymologically, this term comes from the Latin «platus», whose meaning refers to something flat or like a metallic sheet. Its symbol, that is, the Ag, has its genesis in the Latin “Argentum”, which derives from the Indo-European root that defines the word as something brilliant. Different names of the term are born from these words, generally from languages ​​such as French (argent), Italian (argento), and Romanian (argint).

This term is also used in different situations, for example, silver weddings, that is, wedding anniversaries. When a couple celebrates 25 years of marriage, a celebration with that name is held. On the other hand, there is the so-called silver age, that is, the name that is given to a certain period at the level of history, which is considered a successor to the golden age, therefore its value is lower.


Silver characteristics

Because it is a natural metal, it is difficult to find, however, those who have found it claims that it has soft characteristics and is used to create various products, for example, silver nitrate, silver sulfadiazine, among others. But it also has different special characteristics, among them are the following.



It is a natural metal, but it combines with sulfur, arsenic, antimony or chlorine, in such a way that various mineral groups derived from silver are formed. This metal is obtained in lead, zinc, nickel, and gold mines in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.



This metal is malleable and ductile, in addition, it is harder than gold but soft to the touch, has a great shine that can range from gray to metallic white, and tends to be susceptible to polishing.

It is possible to keep it in both air and water, however, its surface can become cloudy when exposed to sulfur, air with sulfur, ozone, or hydrogen sulfide.

The usefulness of silver is varied it can be used for the following aspects:



weapons: armas

arrowheads – puntas de flecha

swords – espadas

spears – lanzas

knives – cuchillos

photography – fotografía

medicine: medicina

electricity – electricidad

mirrors – espejos

electronics – electrónicos

silver coins – monedas de plata


  • Edged weapons: used to make arrowheads, swords, spears, knives, among others.
  • Photography: it is used to produce the well-known artificial rain, as it is sensitive to light.
  • Medicine: It may be toxic, but it is only in extremely high amounts, therefore, this metal can be applied in small concentrations. It is generally used to remove warts.

  • Electricity: used for the mobility and use of diesel engines.
  • Mirrors: this metal is usually used because that way they would have light reflectivity.
  • Electronics: this is due to its great conductivity, in addition, it is used in computer keyboards and integrated circuits.
  • Silver coins: they have been created since 700 BC as payment methods to purchase goods or services.



chains – cadenas

rings – anillos

necklaces – collares

bracelets – pulseras

sterling silver – plata esterlina

jewelry – joyería

silverware – platería


Silverware and jewelry: metal is used to make different types of items, for example, silver chains, rings, bracelets, necklaces, 925 silver, that is, sterling silver, among others.


What is gold in Spanish?

Sentences with the word silver in Spanish:

Encontramos una mina de plata.We found a silver mine.
Esa señora tiene muchos anillos de plata.That lady has many silver rings.
La plata no es tan valiosa como el oro.Silver is not as valuable as gold.
Prefiero invertir en la mina de plata que en la de cobre.I prefer to invest in the silver mine than in the copper mine.
La plata es un metal noble de color blanco brillante.Silver is a brilliant white noble metal.
Me compre una pulsera de plataI bought a silver bracelet
La plata es un metal maleable y más duro que el oro.Silver is a malleable metal and harder than gold.
Mi papá se encontró monedas de plata en la playa.My dad found silver coins on the beach.
Tengo unos zapatos de charol con hebilla de plata.I have patent leather shoes with a silver buckle.
Mi hermano sabe trabajar con plata pero no con oro.My brother knows how to work with silver but not with gold.
La plata no es tóxica pero la mayoría de sus sales son venenosas.Silver is not toxic but most of its salts are poisonous.
El atleta español se llevó la medalla de plata en el salto largo.The Spanish athlete took the silver medal in the long jump.
Mi abuela me regalo una muñequita con una pequeña cadenita de plata.My grandmother gave me a doll with a small silver chain.
Me gusta la combinación del diamante con la plata en esta joya.I like the combination of diamond with silver in this jewel.
La plata posee una alta conductividad eléctrica.Silver has a high electrical conductivity.
Los usos más importantes de la plata son en la industria fotográfica y química.The most important uses of silver are in the photographic and chemical industries.
La plata es uno de los siete metales conocidos desde la antigüedad.Silver is one of the seven metals known since ancient times.
¿Qué beneficios tiene la plata en la medicina?What benefits does silver have in medicine?
En la medicina la plata se utiliza como bactericida.In medicine silver is used as a bactericide.
El país que procesa mayor cantidad de plata en el mundo es México.The country that processes the largest amount of silver in the world is Mexico.
La plata se alea fácilmente con casi todos los metales.Silver is easily alloyed with almost all metals.
No se debe confundir la plata con el platino.Silver should not be confused with platinum.
En Perú existen grandes cantidades de minas de plata sin explotar.In Peru there are large amounts of untapped silver mines.
Mi madre quiere comprar toda la vajilla de plata.My mother wants to buy all the silverware.
Las llaves están sobre la bandeja de plata.The keys are on the silver tray.
En la casa de mi vecino hay un candelabro de plata.In my neighbor’s house there is a silver candlestick.
El nitrato de plata se utiliza para eliminar el tejido de granulación de la piel.Silver nitrate is used to remove granulation tissue from the skin.
La plata se utiliza en aleaciones para piezas dentales.Silver is used in alloys for dental pieces.
El anillo de compromiso de mi madre es de plata.My mother’s engagement ring is silver.
Antes las puntas de las flechas eran fabricadas con plata.Before, the tips of the arrows were made of silver.
Mi pulsera parece plata.My bracelet looks like silver.
Plata era el material de su casquillo dental.Silver was the material of her dental cap.
Las canas de su cabello simulaban plata en color.The gray of her hair simulated silver in color.
Plata diversificada encontramos en aquel museo.Diversified silver found in that museum.
Encontré en este estudio que existen variaciones de la plata.I found in this study that there are variations of silver.
La plata es aún muy cotizada.Silver is still highly valued.
¿Dónde podré comprar una pulsera de plata?Where can I buy a silver bracelet?
Mis joyas de plata han de ser subastadas.My silver jewelry is to be auctioned.
Lo que realza el vestido son las líneas de plata.What enhances the dress are the silver lines.
De plata han de ser tus relicarios.Silver must be your reliquaries.
Quise bordar tus pañuelos con hilos de plata.I wanted to embroider your handkerchiefs with silver threads.
Con hilos de plata decoraré tus aguinaldos.With silver threads I will decorate your bonuses.
El robo de aquel museo fue de artículos de plata.The theft from that museum was of silver items.
¿Sabes el valor de la plata en el mercado?Do you know the value of silver in the market?
¡Qué bello ese tapiz con letras de plata!How beautiful that tapestry with silver letters!
El gramaje de la plata está siendo calculado.The grammage of silver is being calculated.
El iris de tus ojos recuerda la plata.The iris of your eyes reminds of silver.
El yacimiento de la plata descubierto es enorme.The silver deposit discovered is enormous.
En nuestro país tenemos pocas minas de plata.In our country we have few silver mines.
La plata es el símbolo de algunos orichas.Silver is the symbol of some orishas.
¿Sabes si el bitcoins cotiza con plata?Do you know if bitcoins trade with silver?
Por ser de plata tu reloj fue que te atracaron.Because your watch was silver, they robbed you.
Ayer decomisaron grandes obras de plata.Yesterday they seized large works of silver.
Plata en color fue lo que resolví para pintar el carro.Silver in color was what I decided to paint the car.
La manilla de mi nieto ha de ser de plata.My grandson’s bracelet must be silver.
Las joyas de plata no son de mi preferencia.Silver jewelry is not my preference.
Mis esbozos han de hacerse de plata.My sketches must be made of silver.
El bidel de Paulina con plata fue robado del museo.Paulina’s bidel with silver was stolen from the museum.
Existirán obras de arte del Vaticano de plataSilver Vatican artworks will exist
La bitácora de la plata al fin se concluyó.The silver log was finally concluded.
El tema era la plata.The subject was silver.
Sí, ella dió más plata para la cadena.Yes, she gave more money for the chain.
Aleación de oro y plata.Gold and silver alloy.
Entre el hierro y la plata.Between iron and silver.
Puertos del Río de la Plata.Ports of the River Plate.
Los mercaderes, oro y plata.The merchants, gold and silver.
Plata en la cara de la novia.Silver in the face of the bride.
Era plata de verdad, sólida.It was real silver, solid.
Plata de las minas.Silver from the mines.
Desea poner en venta la plata.You want to put the silver up for sale.
En la punta, el pico de plata.At the tip, the silver beak.
El ghul es sensible a la plata.The ghoul is sensitive to silver.
Metal compuesto de oro y plata.Metal composed of gold and silver.
En demanda la plata.Silver in demand.
Compramos oro y plata.We buy gold and silver.
Tendré que recalentar la plata.I’ll have to reheat the silver.
Avestruces de plata en el museo.Silver ostriches in the museum.
Era un muñeco de plata y porcelana.It was a silver and porcelain doll.
Era poca plata y mucho oro.It was little silver and much gold.
Son los expertos en oro y plata.They are the experts in gold and silver.
El mundo bañado en luz de plata.The world bathed in silver light.
La cadena es de plata.The chain is silver.
El brazalete es de plata.The bracelet is silver.
Tocó algo en el brazalete de plata.She touched something on the silver bracelet.
Nos lo servían en bandeja de plata.It was served to us on a silver platter.
Era el operario del Dragón de Plata.He was the operator of the Silver Dragon.
Que termine este despilfarro de plata.End this waste of money.
Lo había para el oro y para la plata.There was for gold and for silver.
Y luego me puso una cadenita de plata.And then she put a little silver chain on me.
Marama limpiaba la plata en el jardín.Marama cleaned silver in the garden.
A eso se reducía el Circuito de Plata.That’s what the Silver Circuit was reduced to.
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