Haters Gonna Hate In Spanish

How to Say “Haters Gonna Hate” in Spanish


The phrase “Haters gonna hate” has become a popular expression to convey the idea that some people will always find a way to criticize or dislike others. If you’re learning Spanish or find yourself in a situation where you want to use this phrase, it can be helpful to know its translation in Spanish. In this article, we will explore how to say “Haters gonna hate” in Spanish, allowing you to convey this sentiment in a different language.

1. Haters Gonna Hate

The phrase “Haters gonna hate” has a colloquial and informal tone in English. Translating it directly into Spanish would lose some of its intended meaning and impact. However, a similar sentiment can be expressed in Spanish using the phrase “Los envidiosos siempre envidiarán.” This translation conveys the idea that those who are envious or harbor negative feelings will continue to feel and express envy.

Additional Context

The phrase “Los envidiosos siempre envidiarán” is a way to acknowledge that there will always be individuals who are critical or resentful towards others. It can be used to express resilience in the face of negativity and to convey the message that one should not let the opinions or actions of others bring them down.


Expanding your language skills to include expressions and idioms in different languages is a great way to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. While the direct translation of “Haters gonna hate” may not capture the same colloquial essence in Spanish, the phrase “Los envidiosos siempre envidiarán” conveys a similar sentiment. Remember, it’s important to embrace positivity, focus on personal growth, and not let the negativity of others affect your well-being. ¡Los envidiosos siempre envidiarán! (Haters gonna hate!)
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