Happy Saturday in Spanish

How to translate happy Saturday in Spanish?

happy Saturday – feliz sábado

Examples with the phrase happy Saturday in Spanish

Que tengas un feliz sábado.Have a happy Saturday.
Te deseo un feliz sábado.I wish you a happy Saturday.
Espero que tengas un feliz sábado.I hope you have a happy Saturday.
Adiós, feliz sábado.Goodbye, happy Saturday.
¿Tuviste un feliz sábado?Did you have a happy Saturday?
Mereces un feliz sábado.You deserve a happy Saturday.
Pasa un feliz sábado.Have a happy Saturday.
Feliz sábado para ustedes.Happy Saturday to you.
Feliz sábado, descansen.Happy Saturday, rest.
Ojalá tengan un feliz sábado.Hope you have a happy Saturday.
Te voy a sorprender con un feliz sábado.I’m going to surprise you with a happy Saturday.
Feliz sábado lleno de sorpresas.Happy Saturday full of surprises.
Lindo día y feliz sábado.Nice day and happy Saturday.
Feliz sábado de bendiciones.Happy Saturday of blessings.
Iniciando las vacaciones, un feliz sábado.Starting the holidays, a happy Saturday.
Feliz sábado para todos mis amigos.Happy Saturday to all my friends.
Este fin me espera un feliz sábado.This end awaits me a happy Saturday.
Tuve un feliz sábado a tu lado.I had a happy Saturday by your side.
La familia pasó un feliz sábado.The family spent a happy Saturday.
Hice mi cumple ayer, fue un feliz sábado.I had my birthday yesterday, it was a happy Saturday.
¡Próspero y feliz sábado!Prosperous and happy Saturday!
¡Feliz sábado, nos vemos!Happy Saturday, see you!
¿Tuviste un feliz sábado con los amigos?Did you have a happy Saturday with friends?
El colectivo de trabajo te desea un feliz sábado.The work group wishes you a happy Saturday.
Que tengas un cumpleaños genial y un feliz sábado.Have a great birthday and a happy Saturday.
Este año el 31 de diciembre cae sábado, será un feliz sábado.This year December 31 falls on a Saturday, it will be a happy Saturday.
Una gran fiesta hace de un día normal un feliz sábado.A great party turns a normal day into a happy Saturday.
Mi amiga me llevó a salir y juntas pasamos un feliz sábado.My friend took me out and together we spent a happy Saturday.
Un día como hoy supe de mi embarazo, fue un feliz sábado.A day like today I found out about my pregnancy, it was a happy Saturday.
De no ser porque tengo trabajo, hoy sería un feliz sábado.If it weren’t for the fact that I have a job, today would be a happy Saturday.

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