Happy Father’s Day in Spanish

Happy Father’s Day in Spanish

¿Cómo se dice happy father’s day en español? Happy father’s day in Spanish translation: feliz día del padre.

How to translate Happy Father’s Day in Spanish? Learn basic vocabulary with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with images. Translation from English to Spanish with flashcards.

happy father’s day – feliz día de los padres

Happy Father's Day in Spanish

padre – father

cariñoso – affectionate

héroe – hero

regalo – gift

adorable – adorable

gracioso – funny

valiente – brave

trabajador – hard worker

cuidadoso – careful

atento – attentive

Father's Day

amigo – friend

dedicado – dedicated

fiesta – party

juguetón – playful

paciente – patient

consejero – adviser

siempre presente – always present

abrazos – hugs

besos – kisses

responsable – responsible

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