Guinea Pig in Spanish

Guinea Pig in Spanish

How to say guinea pig in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice guinea pig en español? Guinea pig in Spanish translation: conejillo de indias.

(conejillo de indias) The guinea pig is a rodent mammal native to Peru about 25 cm long, its head and trunk are voluminous, it has short legs and tail, it is also a docile and terrifying animal. The guinea pig is an animal that is used in laboratories to experiment with medicine and bacteriology.

‘Conejillo de indias’ is a phrase also used to describe any person or animal that undergoes observation or experiment to prove something.

Cavia porcellus, known as a guinea pig, is a domestic hybrid species of hystricomorph rodent of the Caviidae family. These little rodents are trendy pets, although, sadly, they are not very long-lived animals. They live an average of 8 years when cared for correctly, so enjoying them to the fullest is essential. Females go into heat for 8 to 10 hours every 18 days, but this interval can vary from 15 to 20 days. The first postpartum heat occurs two hours after giving birth. The gestation of the young lasts 67 days; the young suckle for a month. The habitat of the guinea pig is very extensive.

Guinea Pig in Spanish Peru

Numerous groups have been detected in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northwestern Argentina, and northern Chile, distributed along the axis of the Andean mountain range. Possibly the area occupied by Peru and Bolivia was the core habitat of the genus Cavia. The best fruits for guinea pigs to eat are apple, pineapple, kiwi, watermelon, and strawberries. The fruits richest in vitamin C, a fundamental vitamin for the health of guinea pigs, are melon, strawberries, nectarines, papaya, mango, and kiwi, the latter being the one with the highest contribution.

In the 18th century, guinea pigs began to be used by medical researchers as laboratory animals. Knowing that they have many biological similarities to humans, the origin of the phrase “being a guinea pig” emerged in the research. Guinea pigs are social and intelligent. They are popular pets that children worldwide love to play with. One disadvantage of having such a small and adorable pet is that they get bored like any other animal and are at risk of getting fat. To take care of a guinea pig, no previous experience is required, that is, knowing its type of food and its grooming, not only of the animal but also from your home. It is recommended that a small room be placed inside the cage so that the guinea pig has its privacy.

Guinea Pig in Spanish – Food

There are many different aspects and names, although all of these are used to designate the same rodent. Guinea pigs are true herbivores. The best food you can provide is a good mix of dry feed, hay, and fresh vegetables. A complete dry meal has excellent benefits because, in this way, the guinea pig ingests the exact amount of nutrients. Remember that these animals are herbivores. It means that their diet is only plant-based. For the same reason, you should avoid those of animal origin or derivatives. It would help if you did not feed him (meat, eggs, milk, and cheese).

Guinea pigs acclimate well to average house temperatures but beware of extreme temperature changes.
On the other hand, you should provide them with a cage with a solid surface and plenty of space to exercise and play.


Luisa: Marcos, nos utilizaron como conejillos de indias | Marcos, they used us as guinea pigs
Marcos: Sí, creo que así fue | Yes I think it was

Sentences with the term guinea pig in Spanish:

Fue en esa semana en la que fuiste conejillo de indias para ellos.It was in that week that you were a guinea pig for them.
En esta facultad utilizamos a los estudiantes de conejillo de indias.In this faculty we use guinea pig students.
Estoy harto de hacer de conejillo de indias para un millón de personas.I’m sick of being the guinea pig for a million people.
Bacilio sacó un conejillo de indias detrás de otro del laberinto y lo puso en la jaula.Bacilio took one guinea pig after another out of the maze and put it in the cage.
Me está mirando y el corazón me late como a un conejillo de indias asustado.He is looking at me and my heart is beating like a scared guinea pig.
El halcón llevaba entre sus garras un conejillo de indias chillando.The falcon carried a screeching guinea pig in its talons.
Hacía meses que trabajaba como conejillo de indias para esa farmacéutica.For months he had been working as a guinea pig for that pharmaceutical company.
El conejillo de indias no digiere bien las galletas.The guinea pig does not digest biscuits well.
Sus infantiles ojos parecían los de un conejillo de indias preso.His childlike eyes resembled those of an imprisoned guinea pig.
Le dije a mi esposo, vaya preparándose como conejillo de indias, que aprendí nuevas recetas.I told my husband, go prepare yourself as a guinea pig, that I learned new recipes.
El chico salió corriendo como conejillo de indias aterrado, alejándose de la tumba.The boy ran like a terrified guinea pig, away from the grave.
Le dije que necesitaba un conejillo de indias para pruebas, pero no demostró mucho entusiasmo.I told him that he needed a guinea pig for testing, but he wasn’t very enthusiastic.
Nos divertíamos con mi hermano pequeño, era el conejillo de indias de la familia.We had fun with my little brother, he was the guinea pig of the family.
Señor, me siento honrado de ser el conejillo de indias del destacamento.Sir, I’m honored to be the guinea pig of the detachment.
Usted debería ser el conejillo de indias de sus horribles experimentos.You should be the guinea pig for his horrible experiments.
Querían desarrollar robots militares y yo fui el conejillo de indias.They wanted to develop military robots and I was the guinea pig.
Escuché un rumor de que andan buscando a alguien como conejillo de indias, en esta vacuna.I heard a rumor that they are looking for someone as a guinea pig, in this vaccine.
Las grandes corporaciones farmacéuticas son depredadoras de conejillo de indias.Big pharmaceutical corporations are predatory guinea pigs.
Hay que ser muy valiente, no todos se ofrecen como conejillo de indias.You have to be very brave, not everyone offers themselves as a guinea pig.
¿Cansado de ser un conejillo de indias en esta red social?Tired of being a guinea pig in this social network?
Para probar eficacia y seguridad, decide ser el conejillo de indias en este viaje inaugural.To prove efficacy and safety, he decides to be the guinea pig on this maiden voyage.
¿Por qué yo primero, acaso soy el conejillo de indias del grupo?Why me first, am I the guinea pig of the group?
Serás el conejillo de indias, el primero en manejar los asuntos de invertir en grande.You will be the guinea pig, the first to handle the matters of investing big.
Me temo que tendré que pedirle ser el conejillo de indias del próximo experimento.I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to be the guinea pig for the next experiment.
Estoy consciente que soy el conejillo de indias de esta familia.I am aware that I am the guinea pig of this family.
Derek será el primero en pasar para el examen final, el conejillo de indias para medir al panel.Derek will be the first to pass for the final exam, the guinea pig to measure the panel.
Ser conejillo de indias tiene un precio y hay que pagarme muy bien.Being a guinea pig has a price and you have to pay me very well.
En estos vuelos de prueba fui el conejillo de indias y no salió nada bien.On these test flights I was the guinea pig and it didn’t work out at all.
La Agencia utilizó cinco pasajeros de conejillo de indias para el Trasbordador Espacial.The Agency used five guinea pig passengers for the Space Shuttle.
Tengo alguna experiencia y sí que es duro ser conejillo de indias, por las reacciones adversas.I have some experience and yes it is hard to be a guinea pig, due to adverse reactions.

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