Ground Beef in Spanish

Ground Beef in Spanish

How to say ground beef in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice ground beef en español? Ground beef in Spanish translation: carne molida.

Sentences with the term ground beef in Spanish

¿Te gusta mucho la carne molida?Do you like ground beef a lot?
¿Has comido carne molida?Have you eaten ground beef?
Nunca he comido carne molida.I have never eaten ground beef.
No me gusta la carne molida.I don’t like ground beef.
En tu casa hacen carne molida con frecuencia.In your house they often make ground beef.
No le he dado carne molida al niño.I have not given ground beef to the child.
¿Quieres carne molida?Do you want ground beef?
¿Prefieres carne molida o bistec?Do you prefer ground beef or steak?
La carne molida es mi favorita.Ground beef is my favorite.
Voy a comprar carne molida para la cena.I’m going to buy ground beef for dinner.
El platillo principal de la casa es carne molida.The main dish of the house is ground beef.
La carne molida te quedó mala.Ground beef was bad for you.
El carnicero tiene la carne molida en oferta.The butcher has ground beef on sale.
Está barata la carne molida.Ground beef is cheap.
Se echó a perder la carne molida.The ground beef was spoiled.
Esa carne molida está descompuesta.That ground beef is spoiled.
¿Cómo preparas la carne molida?How do you prepare ground beef?
Dame tu receta de carne molida.Give me your ground beef recipe.
Usé la carne molida para hacer croquetas.I used the ground beef to make croquettes.
¿Es lo mismo carne molida que picadillo?Is ground beef the same as picadillo?
¿Qué precio tiene la carne molida?How much does ground beef cost?
No sé preparar la carne molida.I don’t know how to prepare ground beef.
Haré albóndigas con la carne molida.I’ll make meatballs with the ground beef.
La receta lleva carne molida.The recipe calls for ground beef.
Necesito carne molida para hacer el pastel de papas.I need ground beef to make potato pie.
Preparé una carne molida que me quedó estupenda.I prepared a ground beef that turned out great.
Seguro nunca has probado una carne molida más rica que esta.Surely you have never tasted a richer ground beef than this.
¿Cómo quedó la carne molida?How was the ground beef?
Te comiste toda la carne molida.You ate all the ground beef.
¿No le guardaste carne molida a tu hermana?Didn’t you save ground beef for your sister?

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