Good Vibes in Spanish

How to say good vibes in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice good vibes en español? Good vibes in Spanish translation: buenas vibraciones, buena onda. ‘Good vibes’ is an expression that is used when you refer to a person with good qualities, to a pleasant place, or to qualify a favorable situation.

Good Vibes in Spanish

good vibes – buena onda

good vibes – buena vibra (singular)

good vibes – buenas vibras (splural)

cool – buena onda


Lily: Carlos, nosotros somos buena onda | Carlos, We are good vibes

Carlos: Es cierto | It’s true

Pedro es muy buena ondaPedro is very cool (good vibes)
Qué buena onda esoHow cool (good vibes) is that
Lysa es muy buena ondaLysa is very cool (good vibes)
Nosotros somos buena ondaWe are good vibes
Ella es buena ondaShe is cool (good vibes)
Mi mamá es buena ondaMy mom is cool (good vibes)

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