Good Morning Everyone in Spanish

How to say good morning everyone in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice good morning, everyone en español? Good morning, everyone in Spanish translation: buenos días a todos. ‘Good morning, everyone in Spanish ‘is a phrase used when we wish all the people present at that moment a happy start to the day. It is a very courteous and positive way of greeting. When we meet or say goodbye to people we use words, expressions or gestures showing attention, respect, courtesy or affection.

Good Morning Everyone in Spanish

good morning everyone (masc.) – buenos días a todos

good morning everyone(fem.)- buenos días a todas


Lily: Buenos días a todos, ¿cómo están? | Good morning everyone, how are you?

Group of people: Buenos días Lily. Estamos bien, gracias | Good morning Lily. We are fine, thanks


Buenos días a todas. ¿Qué están haciendo?
Buenos días a todos. ¿Cómo están?
Buenos días a todos, ya es hora de irnos
Buenos días a todas. Vamos a comenzar


Good morning everyone. What are you doing?
Good morning everyone. How are you?
Good morning everyone, it’s time to go
Good morning everyone. Let’s start

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