Good Game in Spanish

How to say good game in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice good game en español? Good game in Spanish translation: buen juego. ‘Good game’ is a phrase used to describe a game. Specifically, by using this term we are describing the game in a positive way. Games are a very popular mode of entertainment and the practice of this has grown over the years.

Good Game in Spanish

good game – buen juego


Lily: Carlos, este es un buen juego de baloncesto | Carlos, this is a good basketball game

Carlos: El juego está buenísimo | The game is great

¡Muy buen juego chicos!Very good game guys!
Te felicito por el buen juegoI congratulate you for the good game
La última competencia fue un buen juegoThe last competition was a good game

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