Gerund and Present Progressive in Spanish

How to use gerund and Present Progressive in Spanish?

 Let’s learn about the gerund and present progressive in Spanish.


El Gerundio en Español

(The Gerund and Present Progressive in Spanish)

The Gerund (gerundio) is a form of the verb that ends in -ando (for the infinitives ending in ar) or -iendo (for the infinitives ending in er and ir).


A better explanation:


Hablar (to speak)

First take away the ar ending of hablar and then add the new ending ando, so you’ll have hablando (speaking). This is the gerund of hablar.


Comer (to eat)

First take away the er ending of comer and then add the new ending iendo, so you’ll have comiendo (eating). This is the gerund of comer.


Vivir (to live)

First take away the ir ending of vivir and then add the new ending iendo, so you’ll have viviendo (living). This is the gerund of vivir.


As you can see, the English counterpart of this form is translated as the “-ing” form of the verb.


Present Progressive Tense

Now that we understand the Gerund we are going to put it in context using the verb Estar (to be). This combination of Estar + Gerund it is called :Present Progressive and allows us to describe an action that is taking place at the moment.


Note: Many books refered to the Gerund as Present Participle.


Vamos a ver: (Let’s see)


Comprar —- comprando

Yo estoy comprando libros. (I am buying books.)


Estudiar—- estudiando

Tú estás estudiando español. (You are studying Spanish.)


Bailar—- bailando

El está bailando salsa. (He is dancing salsa.)


Comer —- comiendo

Ella está comiendo frijoles con arroz. (She is eating beans with rice.)


Escribir—- escribiendo

Nosotros estamos escribiendo una carta. (We are writing a letter.)


Jugar—- jugando

Ellos están jugando en el parque. (They are playing in the park.)



Some exceptions:


leer (to read)—-leyendo

dormir (to sleep)—-durmiendo

sentir (to feel)—-sintiendo

pedir (to ask for)—-pidiendo


Note: Notice the gerund changes the root in these exceptions.



Spanish Idioms

 Estoy mirando la tele. (I am watching tv.)

Estoy buscando esta dirección… (I am looking for this address…)

Estoy esperando el bus. (I am waiting for the bus.)

Estoy pensando en una solución. (I am thinking of a solution.)

Estoy escuchando la radio. (I am listening to the radio.)

Me estoy preguntando….(I am wondering….)



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