Fiesta Charra

What is a fiesta charra?

Fiesta charra in Spanish translation: charro party.

The “Fiesta Charra” translates as ‘charro party’ aims to promote Charrería among young people and children in Mexico, to publicize one of the oldest and most beloved sports that constitutes an essential part of the Mexican national identity.

fiesta charra

TThe charrería is like Mexico in general: cheerful, partying, brave, upright, conservative, and grounded. Charrería is a tradition, an art, and a sport that preserves the spirit of Mexico. It is practiced by whole families who meet every Sunday in the Lienzos, (Stadiums) of their own to carry out activities with cattle and horses where the charros risk their lives. This practice is based on the traditional activities of livestock. It involves showing off the equestrian skills that Mexican charro-cowboys used to make a living and also to have fun during festivals or fairs in their region.

Charros Suits

The charro suit is the typical Mexican costume. It is used by those who practice the national sport that is Charrería. Several types go from the simplest called “de faena” to the most elegant with silver buttons, called “de gala” that are used in the most important ceremonies such as a wedding or the military parade.
Although there is a certain similarity of this outfit to the costumes of the mariachis, nevertheless there is a great difference between mariachi and a charro.

What is a charro party?

The charro festivals consist of 9 lots in which the charro interacts with heifers, bulls, and horses, putting his own life at risk. The visit to the Lienzo begins at noon. The men prepare their horses and with their distinctive dresses and hat. While their wives, daughters, and the public who are fond of living the charro party are placed in the stands, where Mexican snacks, beers, tequilas, and sweets are sold to enjoy the morning, listening to the mariachis or a band in the background.

One of the most colorful and exciting moments of the charreada is the participation of the charra skirmish, which is represented by a group of women on horseback who perform a kind of choreography at full gallop and who wear beautiful dresses as “adelitas”.

Late in the afternoon, it is time to eat, where the charro meets his relatives to share food. The family is the fundamental nucleus of the charro’s life.

What is a charro man?

The charro, like the Mexican man, is capable of giving his own life in defense of his parents and children, as well as the homeland and honor. It is in the figure of the charro that the Mexican identity is gestated. The values ​​on which it is based are the values ​​of the nation. The charro represents a solid stereotype of the Mexican in terms of the ideal image: lord of himself, his family, and his assets. Pragmatic and firm even to stubbornness, courageous even to recklessness, faithful and sincere believer. The charro is frank and exultant.

Sentences with the phrase fiesta charra in Spanish

Actualmente soy del grupo que va a animar la fiesta charra.I am currently in the group that is going to animate the charra party.
En la fiesta charra de México, los jinetes visten muy peculiar.In the charro party in Mexico, the riders dress very peculiar.
¿Qué es una fiesta charra?What is a charra party?
El objetivo de la fiesta charra, es promover la charrería entre jóvenes.The objective of the charro party is to promote charro among young people.
En la fiesta charra se da a conocer uno de los deportes más antiguos de México.In the charra party, one of the oldest sports in Mexico is revealed.
La fiesta charra constituye la esencia de la identidad nacional.The charra party constitutes the essence of national identity.
En la fiesta charra se disfruta de alegría y osadía.In the charro party you can enjoy joy and daring.
En la fiesta charra participan todos los pobladores, sin clasismos.All the residents participate in the charra party, without classism.
Durante la fiesta charra pude disfrutar de muchos platillos mexicanos exquisitos.During the charro party I was able to enjoy many exquisite Mexican dishes.
En la fiesta charra participó mi familia entera en el rodeo.My entire family participated in the rodeo at the charra party.
Mi madre me hizo un hermoso vestido para la fiesta charra.My mother made me a beautiful dress for the charro party.
Lo que más disfrutamos de la fiesta charra es La escaramuza.What we enjoy the most about the charro party is La escaramuza.
Al final de la fiesta charra nos reunimos toda la familia en una mesa, a comer.At the end of the charro party, the whole family gathered at a table to eat.
Una parte de la fiesta charra es usar un traje tradicional.A part of the charra party is wearing a traditional costume.
De mi viaje por México, lo que más me gustó fue la fiesta charra.From my trip through Mexico, what I liked the most was the charra party.
Los chicos mexicanos se ven apuestos con sus trajes típicos de la fiesta charra.The Mexican boys look handsome in their typical charro party outfits.
La fiesta charra más grande se celebró en Michoacán.The largest charro party was held in Michoacán.
Mi abuela nos hace lindas historias de la fiesta charra en su juventud.My grandmother tells us nice stories about the charra party in her youth.
Algunos protestan contra la fiesta charra y el abuso animal.Some protest against the charra party and animal abuse.
En la fiesta charra, las chicas usan trajes tradicionales que son obras de arte.At the charra party, the girls wear traditional costumes that are works of art.
Este año entreno para participar en La escaramuza de la fiesta charra.This year I train to participate in the skirmish of the charra party.
Mi madre me tejió una corona de azahares para usarla en la fiesta charra.My mother knitted me a crown of orange blossoms to wear at the charra party.
Es la primera fiesta charra de Rosalinda y está muy excitada.It’s Rosalinda’s first charro party and she’s very excited.
El amor de mis padres nació en una fiesta charra, cuentan que fue hermoso.My parents’ love was born at a charra party, they say it was beautiful.
Es hermoso rescatar tradiciones como la fiesta charra.It is beautiful to rescue traditions such as the charro festival.
En el instituto creamos un grupo de baile para la fiesta charra.In high school we created a dance group for the charra party.
Esta fiesta charra tuvo una buena combinación entre juventud y tradición.This charro party had a good combination of youth and tradition.
Lucinda fue la ganadora del concurso de belleza en la fiesta charra.Lucinda was the winner of the beauty pageant at the charra party.
La mesa de mi familia tuvo treinta comensales en la fiesta charra.My family’s table had thirty guests at the charra party.
Mis abuelos celebraron sus bodas de plata en la fiesta charra.My grandparents celebrated their silver anniversary at the charra party.
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