Fats in Spanish

How to say fats in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice fats en español? Fats in Spanish translation: grasas.. Fats are nutrients that can be obtained from food. It is good to eat some fats, but you must also know that it can be harmful to ingest them in excess. Fat has the properties of giving the body energy, which you need to have an active life. They are found in adipose tissue and in other parts of the body, especially in the seeds of plants.

Fats in Spanish

fats – grasas


fats (noun)(plural) – grasas

fat(noun)(singular) – grasa

fat(adj.)(masc.)(singular) – gordo

fat(adj.)(fem.)(singular) – gorda

fat(adj.)(masc.)(plural) – gordos

fat(adj.)(fem.)(plural) – gordas


Lily: Carlos, esa carne tiene mucha grasa | Carlos, that meat has a lot of fat

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Quita la grasa de las carnes
Tiene mucha grasa
Tengo mucha grasa en mi vientre
Estoy gordo, tengo mucha grasa
Todos tenemos grasa


Trim fat from meats
Has a lot of fat
I have a lot of fat in my belly
I am fat, I have a lot of fat
We all have fat

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