Doblados in Spanish

Today you will learn what ‘Doblados’ means in Spanish. ‘Doblados’ is a word which means ‘folded’ or ‘bent’. This word describes something that is crooked or bent from its original shape or anything that has a changed shape from before is called ‘Doblados’.

Doblados in Spanish

How to translate doblados in Spanish?

doblados(masc.) (plural)- folded, bend

dobladas(fem.) (plural) – folded, bend

doblado (masc.) (singular) – bent

doblada (fem.) (singular) – bent

doblar – to bend, to fold


Lily: Carlos, ¿por qué ese árbol está doblado? | Carlos, why is that tree bent?

Carlos: Porque el huracán pasó y barrió | Because the hurricane passed and swept


Los árboles están doblados
El plástico está doblado
El poste está doblado


The trees are bent
The plastic is bent
The pole is bent

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