Do foreign language videos work?

What is the new way to learn a foreign language?

If you are browsing around for the best way to learn a foreign language, language tapes, CDs, or MP3s are great ways to learn for most people. However, the success of this method depends on a few factors concerning you and the tapes themselves.


Foreign language tapes teach you a language by having you listen and repeat often, and there are many different types available in a wide variety of languages. Unlike language schools, language tapes will allow you to learn at your leisure, not require homework and are considerably cheaper. Your language tape can go wherever you also go very convenient and enable you to study anywhere you like in your free time.

However, foreign language tapes may not be for everyone. If you work best with supervision and have trouble learning independently, language schools might be better suited for you. Language tapes do require excellent attentiveness and listening skills. Those with high musical intelligence (or more simply put—a right ear) do well with videos while visual learners may suffer. Some people learn a foreign language best by watching others speak it. This allows you to see the position of the mouth and tongue in forming words. It is something that, unfortunately, language tapes lack.


If you think a foreign language tape is for you, the longer it is, the better it is. Language is a complex area, and a short video will not cover all you need to know to become conversational and need more than videotapes. Here on this website, you will enjoy free video lessons and more to help you understand the Spanish language better.


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