Crazy in Spanish

How to say crazy in Spanish?

Crazy in Spanish

How to translate crazy in Spanish?. Crazy means of a mad person or a person with mental illness. The word crazy is also often used to describe enthusiastic nature of a person, for example we can say like; ‘He is crazy about her’. In this sentence the word crazy shows the spirit of the person and not his mental state.

What does crazy mean? 

crazy – loca, loco

Sentences with the word crazy in Spanish:

Este hombre está loco.This man is crazy.
No pensé que estuviera loco.I didn’t think he was crazy.
Que piense diferente no significa que esté loco.Just because he thinks different doesn’t mean he’s crazy.
Yo considero que él no está loco.I consider that he is not crazy.
No estoy loco.I’m not crazy.
Si él está loco entonces yo también.If he’s crazy then so am I.
Si lo está tratando un psiquiatra significa que está loco.If he’s being treated by a psychiatrist, it means he’s crazy.
Estoy loco de amor.I am crazy with love.
¿Por qué le dices que está loco?Why do you tell him that he is crazy?
Mi hermano no está loco.My brother is not crazy.
¡Estoy loco!I’m crazy!
¿Quién dijo que él estaba loco?Who said he was crazy?
Ese tipo de crimen solo los comete un hombre que está loco.That kind of crime is only committed by a man who is crazy.
Ese inventor era considerado un loco.That inventor was considered a madman.
Él no está loco.He is not crazy.
Esa persona está loca.That person is crazy.
Mi madre siempre ha sido un poco loca.My mother has always been a bit crazy.
Mi vecina está loca.My neighbor is crazy.
La madre de Elena está loca.Elena’s mother is crazy.
¿Pero usted se ha vuelto loca?But have you gone crazy?
Os aseguro que me faltó poco para volverme loca.I assure you that I was close to going crazy.
Si alguna de las dos está loca, debes ser tú.If either of us is crazy, it must be you.
Yo me río como una loca.I laugh like crazy.
Se ha vuelto loca.She has gone crazy.
¡Está loca por mí!She’s crazy about me!
No pienses que estoy loca.Don’t think I’m crazy.
Tiene cara de loca.She has a crazy face.
En todas partes se habla de tu impermeabilidad y loca obstinación.Everywhere there is talk of your impermeability and crazy obstinacy.
Solo son ilusiones de mi loca fantasía.They are just illusions of my crazy fantasy.
Estoy loca de alegría.I am crazy with joy.

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