meeting people in spanish

Meeting People

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Meeting People – Spanish Course

Course Description: In this course, students will learn the language and cultural skills necessary to confidently and effectively meet and interact with new people in Spanish-speaking environments. Through interactive activities, discussions, and real-life scenarios, students will develop the language skills needed to initiate and maintain conversations, introduce themselves and others, and ask and answer questions about personal information, interests, and hobbies.

Topics covered in the course include greetings and farewells, introducing oneself and others, asking for and giving personal information, making small talk, expressing opinions and preferences, and inviting and accepting invitations.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop speaking and listening skills for meeting people in Spanish
  • Develop understanding of cultural norms and customs related to meeting people in Spanish-speaking environments
  • Expand vocabulary related to introducing oneself and others, making small talk, and exchanging personal information
  • Practice using common expressions and phrases for social situations
  • Develop confidence and fluency in initiating and maintaining conversations in Spanish
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