Cooking Verbs in Spanish

Cooking Verbs in Spanish Flashcards

How to translate the cooking verbs in Spanish?. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation with flashcards

cooking verbs

tamizar – to sift

probar – to taste

agregar – to add

mezclar – to blend

triturar – to crush

limpiar – to clean

fregar – to do the dishes

abrir – to open

voltear – to flip

enjuagar – to rinse

cooking verbs in Spanish

escurrir – to drain

aplastar – to mash

amasar – to knead

aplanar – to flatten

exprimir – to squeeze

to sprinkle – espolvorear

trinchar – to carve

asar – to roast

tostar – to toast

moler – to grind


descongelar – to defrost

calentar – to heat

pelar- to peel

verter – to pour

medir – to measure

mezclar – to mix

servir – to serve

picar en dados – to dice

rebanar – to slice

rallar – to grate

beef stew

cocinar – to cook

cortar – to cut

picar – to chop

romper – to break

revolver – to stir

hervir – to boil

hornear – to bake

asar – to broil

cocinar al vapor – to steam

freír – to fry

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