Classroom Objects in Spanish Worksheet

Here is a classroom objects worksheet to help you learn Spanish:

Instructions: Write the Spanish word for each object shown in the picture.

  1. __________ (book) (A book)
  2. __________ (pencil) (A pencil)
  3. __________ (desk) (A desk)
  4. __________ (chair) (A chair)
  5. __________ (whiteboard) (A whiteboard)
  6. __________ (marker) (A marker)
  7. __________ (eraser) (An eraser)
  8. __________ (backpack) (A backpack)
  9. __________ (scissors) (Scissors)
  10. __________ (ruler) (A ruler)


  1. libro
  2. lápiz
  3. escritorio
  4. silla
  5. pizarra
  6. marcador
  7. borrador
  8. mochila
  9. tijeras
  10. regla

Note: In Spanish, many classroom objects have cognates that are similar to their English counterparts. For example, “libro” (book), “lápiz” (pencil), “pizarra” (whiteboard), and “ruler” (regla) are similar in both languages. However, it’s important to note that the pronunciation and spelling of these words may differ slightly in Spanish.

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