How to say queen in Spanish?

Queen in Spanish

Let’s find out how to translate queen in Spanish. Reina: It is a term that has its etymological root in the Latin word regīna. “La reina” is the woman who married a king or who, in her own right, is in a position to exercise royal power.

 Definition of Queen:

1- “La reina” is the woman who exercises the royal power in her own right, Queen Elizabeth I of England. The queen is the king’s wife The king.


The queen Elizabeth is very powerful – La reina Elizabeth es muy poderosa


2- Queen, can be a woman, an animal, or a thing of the female gender that stands out from the rest of her class or species.


She is a queen – Ella es una reina

 queen in Spanish language

3- The game piece can perform any movement, except that of the horse. In chess, la reina is a piece that can move like any of the other pieces, except the knight. That is why it is considered to be the most relevant piece in the game behind the king.

 Tip: the king = el rey


 4- Games eleventh card of each suit


With the four queens, she won the poker game. – Con las cuatro reinas ganó la partida de póker.


5- In some animals, it is applied to the fertile female with an eminently reproductive function. La reina bee, on the other hand, is the female bee that, thanks to her fertility, can lay fertilized eggs and unfertilized eggs 


The queen bee.- La abeja reina.

6- Beyond the monarchy, the woman is known as una reina who, due to certain characteristics, manages to stand out from the others in a certain context and power.

Woman, animal, or thing of the feminine gender that stands out from the others of her class or species. It is also called “reina” in the various contests, where there is a jury that chooses “una reina” from a group of applicants.


The young woman was chosen as the queen of the carnival of my city . La joven fue elegida como la reina del carnaval de mi ciudad.

Tomorrow the name of the new queen of the Festival will be known – Mañana se conocerá el nombre de la nueva reina del Festival.

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Sentences with the word queen in Spanish

Soy toda una reina.I am quite a queen.
Mi perrita se llama Reina.My dog is called Reina.
¡Hola, reina!Hi queen!
Mi novio me dice reina.My boyfriend calls me queen.
Mi sobrina es mi reina.My niece is my queen.
Eres mi reina sin corona.You are my queen without a crown.
Mami, siempre serás mi reina.Mommy, you will always be my queen.
¿Sabes quién es la Reina Isabel?Do you know who Queen Elizabeth is?
La reina del cuento perdió a su hija.The queen of the story lost her daughter.
¡Eres toda una reina!You are totally a queen!
Mi niña juega a ser reina.My girl plays queen.
¿Qué países tienen rey y reina en vez de presidente?What countries have a king and queen instead of a president?
¿Dónde queda la calle Reina?Where is Reina Street?
Ando por Reina y Belascoain.I’m going for Reina and Belascoain.
Se murió Reina.Queen died.
Mi vecina Reina es una chismosa.My neighbor Reina is a gossip.
La mamá de Fiona era la reina.Fiona’s mom was the queen.
Hoy eres princesa, mañana serás reina.Today you are a princess, tomorrow you will be a queen.
Mi hija es la reina de mi corazón.My daughter is the queen of my heart.
¿En las cartas gana la reina o el rey?Does the queen or the king win at cards?
Me tatué la reina de corazones.I got the queen of hearts tattoo.
En los animados de Alicia sale la reina de corazones.In Alice’s cartoons, the queen of hearts appears.
Todo se hará como lo ordene la reina.Everything will be done as the queen commands.
Compré un vestido que me hace lucir como reina.I bought a dress that makes me look like a queen.
La reina saldrá hoy del castillo.The queen will leave the castle today.
¿Qué desea la reina?What does the queen want?
Iré a ver a la reina.I’ll go see the queen.
¡Buenos días, mi reina!Good morning my queen!
Este año seré la reina de la clase.This year I will be the queen of the class.
Me nombraron “reina del festival”.They named me “queen of the festival”.