Blue in Spanish

Blue in Spanish

How to say blue in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice blue en español? Blue in Spanish translation: azul.

Blue is one of the cool colors along with green and purple, and it is also one of the primary colors. Blue represents wisdom, stability, peace, fidelity, trust, rationalism, spirituality, but also sadness and melancholy. Depending on the tone is its meaning, for example the navy blue color is associated with depth, the order of the sacred, immortality and power and the celestial blue reflects tranquility, peace, protection, health, understanding and generosity. This color is masculine and is very popular with men’s clothing.


Luisa: ¿Cuál es tu color preferido? | What is your favorite color?
Marcos: Mi color preferido es el azul | My favorite color is blue

Prefiero el color azulI prefer the color blue
Me gusta el color azulI like color blue
El color azul es mi favoritoThe color blue is my favorite
El traje era azulThe suit was blue
Los zapatos son azulesThe shoes are blue
El vestido será azulThe dress will be blue
El azul es un color serioBlue is a serious color
Le compré a mi esposo una camisa azulI bought my husband a blue shirt
Me vestiré de azul y blancoI’ll dress in blue and white
El cielo es azulThe sky is blue
El mar es azulThe sea is blue
Mi carro es azulMy car is blue
Las paredes son azulesThe walls are blue

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