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beef in Spanish
beef in Spanish

How to say beef in Spanish translation? Beef is a word from the English language that describes the edible meat which is obtained from a cow, bull, ox or buffalo. Beef is also called red meat ‘carne roja’. This term is also used to refer to the muscular part of the body. The word beef is often used as a slang which means to have a dispute or disagreement with someone. ‘problem’‘problema’

What is the word for beef in Spanish translation?

The Spanish word for beef is ‘carne de res’.

Sentences with the term beef in Spanish

Me encanta la carne de res.I love beef.
No me gusta la carne de res.I don’t like beef.
¿Te gusta la carne de res?Do you like beef?
Ellos no comen carne de res.They don’t eat beef.
La carne de res es carne roja.Beef is red meat.
Está carísima la carne de res.Beef is very expensive.
¿Qué precio tiene la carne de res?What is the price of beef?
Compré 2 libras de carne de res.I bought 2 pounds of beef.
Hoy hice carne de res.Today I made beef.
La carne de res se echó a perder.The beef spoiled.
Esa carne de res tiene gusanos.That beef has maggots.
Pon a descongelar el boliche de carne de res.Defrost the beef patty.
¿Cómo me quedó la carne de res?How was the beef?
En el restaurante pedí carne de res.At the restaurant I ordered beef.
Hice ropa vieja con la carne de res que compraste.I made old clothes out of the beef you bought.
El quiosquero tiene carne de res.The newsstand has beef.
Ayer compré carne de res.Yesterday I bought beef.
Te preparé tu platillo favorito, carne de res.I made you your favorite dish, beef.
Me invitaron a comer carne de res.They invited me to eat beef.
Con el embarazo, le cogí asco a la carne de res.With the pregnancy, I became disgusted with beef.
¿La carne de res sube la hemoglobina?Does beef raise hemoglobin?
¿Es saludable la carne de res?Is beef healthy?
Hice unos bisteques de carne de res.I made some beef steaks.
Mi esposo no come carne de res.My husband does not eat beef.
Hice un caldo de carne de res.I made a beef broth.
¡Qué rica quedó la carne de res!How delicious was the beef!
Nunca le he dado carne de res a mi bebé.I have never given my baby beef.
Dice el vecino que en la tienda sacaron bandejas de carne de res.The neighbor says that in the store they took out trays of beef.
Me gusta la carne de res enlatada.I like canned beef.
¿Prefieres carne de res o de cerdo?Do you prefer beef or pork?
El restaurante al final de la calle ofrece el mejor filete de ternera.The restaurant at the end of the street offers the best beef steak.

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