Beautiful Woman in Spanish

beautiful woman in Spanish

How to say beautiful woman in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice beautiful woman en español? Beautiful woman in Spanish translation: mujer hermosa, mujer preciosa, mujer linda, mujer bonita

A ‘beautiful woman’ is a phrase used when referring to a particular woman who is delightful to the ear or to the eye, is funny, beautiful, divine, pretty, endowed with beauty. This phrase is not only used to describe physical appearance, but is also an internal characteristic, for example, when the woman is morally good and worthy of admiration.


Luisa: Marcos, ¿cómo me queda el vestido? | Marcos, how does the dress fit me?
Marcos: Te queda perfecto, tú eres una mujer hermosa | It fits you perfect, you are a beautiful woman

Sentences with the phrase beautiful woman in Spanish:

El hombre de ochenta años dijo: – nunca me he resistido a los encantos de una mujer hermosa.The eighty-year-old man said: – I have never resisted the charms of a beautiful woman.
Su madre era una mujer hermosa y ella heredó su belleza.Her mother was a beautiful woman and she inherited her beauty.
Una mujer hermosa y voluptuosa llama la atención a su paso.A beautiful and voluptuous woman draws attention as she walks by.
Esta es una mujer hermosa y sofisticada.She is a beautiful and sophisticated woman.
Mi mujer Lidia es una mujer hermosa e inteligente.My wife Lidia is a beautiful and intelligent woman.
Tiene una sola mujer hermosa por una sola noche.She has one beautiful woman for one night.
Era una niña muy delgada, luego ella cambió a una joven mujer hermosa.She was a very skinny girl, then she changed into a beautiful young woman.
Maniquí de mujer hermosa, que pondrá de relieve la ropa.Beautiful female mannequin, which will highlight the clothes.
Me considero una mujer hermosa y cariñosa.I consider myself a beautiful and affectionate woman.
Una mujer hermosa y que vivió en el mar.A beautiful woman who lived in the sea.
David nunca mencionó que tenía a una mujer hermosa en su vida.David never mentioned that he had a beautiful woman in his life.
Estaban en el café un tipo guapo y una mujer hermosa con un marido mayor.A handsome guy and a beautiful woman with an older husband were in the cafe.
Es como cuando encuentras a una mujer hermosa por detrás.It’s like when you find a beautiful woman from behind.
Cindy es una mujer hermosa que quiere casarse.Cindy is a beautiful woman who wants to get married.
Es ya una mujer hermosa tropezando con el amor de su vida.She is already a beautiful woman bumping into the love of her life.
También yo me casé con una mujer hermosa Doctor.I also married a beautiful woman Doctor.
Gerente, una mujer hermosa joven, motiva al equipo para trabajar.Manager, a young beautiful woman, motivates the team to work.
Usted seguro ha tenido algunos sueños con una mujer hermosa.You have surely had some dreams about a beautiful woman.
¿Usted sabe que hay una mujer hermosa en ellos?Do you know that there is a beautiful woman in them?
De Brezo es la mujer hermosa con medias blancas.Heather is the beautiful woman in white stockings.
Caracas tiene muchas caras, como mujer hermosa.Caracas has many faces, like a beautiful woman.
Mujer hermosa es mujer fiel.A beautiful woman is a faithful woman.
Era una mujer hermosa y morena.She was a beautiful, dark-haired woman.
Blanca posee una gran inteligencia y es una mujer hermosa.Blanca has great intelligence and is a beautiful woman.
En la sala de belleza hay una mujer hermosa con ojos marrones.In the beauty room there is a beautiful woman with brown eyes.
Mi padre se enamoró de una mujer hermosa lituana.My father fell in love with a beautiful Lithuanian woman.
Una mujer hermosa abstracta posaba para maniquí de tienda.Abstract beautiful woman posed for shop mannequin.
Nada como tener una mujer hermosa y de agradable compañía.Nothing like having a beautiful woman and pleasant company.
En serio es una mujer hermosa, pero con mucho talento.She seriously is a beautiful woman, but very talented.
Nada peor que el frio desinterés de una mujer hermosa.Nothing worse than the cold disinterest of a beautiful woman.
Tú eres una mujer hermosaYou are a beautiful woman
Esa chica es una mujer hermosaThat girl is a beautiful woman
La mamá de Ana es una mujer hermosaAna’s mother is a beautiful woman
Ustedes son unas mujeres hermosasYou are beautiful women
Ella es muy honesta, es una mujer hermosaShe is very honest, she is a beautiful woman
Marta es una mujer muy linda en su interiorMarta is a very beautiful woman inside
Ella también es una mujer preciosaShe is also a beautiful woman
Nancy es realmente un mujer hermosaNancy is really a beautiful woman
Carlos se casó con una mujer hermosaCarlos married a beautiful woman
¿Sabes que eres un mujer hermosa?Do you know that you are a beautiful woman?
No te preocupes, tú eres una mujer hermosaDon’t worry, you are a beautiful woman

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