Bay Leaf in Spanish

Bay Leaf in Spanish

How to say bay leaf in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice bay leaf en español? Bay leaf in Spanish translation: hoja de laurel.

Bay leaf in Spanish translation: (hoja de laurel). The great versatility of bay leaves means they can be included in remedies to treat various illnesses or ailments. Thanks to its multiple properties, bay leaves have many benefits, such as: stimulating the appetite and helping digestion. The Spanish Nutrition Foundation highlights these qualities of the laurel. It is suitable for the digestive system and boosts appetite, secretions, and bowel movements; also facilitates digestion and improves and prevents heartburn and intestinal spasms in the respiratory system.
It is perfect for fighting diseases. First of all, it prevents inflammation in the liver; it also decreases menstrual cramps. Another could be that it helps heal skin infections. Soothes headache and joint pain. Reduces excess gas. It is very effective for rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis.

The consumption of bay leaves is discouraged in the following cases:
-Women who are breastfeeding.
-Women who are pregnant: since they could cause an abortion.
-People who suffer from gastritis or ulcers can cause nausea and vomiting.

Hoja de Laurel

La hoja de laurel is used both as a medicinal plant and in the kitchen. The usual thing is to use its whole leaves and incorporate them both in stews, meat, and fish. It is part of marinade recipes, where they are crushed to extract more of their flavor. The bay leaves are removed before serving and are not consumed.

This small green leaf is related to success and victory. The best thing about this proposal is that it will also make it easier to make good decisions at work, a job offer, or even a business expansion. In addition, excessive amounts of laurel can cause drowsiness since this plant has a calming effect and can slow down the nervous system, in addition to causing gastrointestinal disorders, abdominal cramps, and headaches when consumed in large quantities.

To prepare an infusion of bay leaves, you need a liter of water, five bay leaves, and a lemon. Add the water to a container with the spice leaves and let it boil until it reaches the boiling point, then turn off the heat. Let stand for five minutes and strain.

Therefore, we agree that laurel is a plant used both as an infusion and an exquisite condiment. It is also used for luck to be on our side.

Sentences with the term bay leaf in Spanish

La hoja de laurel procede de un árbol dioico perennifolio.The bay leaf comes from an evergreen dioecious tree.
¡Cuantas recetas llevan hojas de laurel!How many recipes have bay leaves!
La hoja de laurel es muy peculiar.The bay leaf is very peculiar.
Pintaré bien grande una hoja de laurel.I’ll paint a bay leaf very big.
Quiero que me compres una hoja de laurel.I want you to buy me a bay leaf.
Me gustaría que me regalases una hoja de laurel.I would like you to give me a bay leaf.
En la cocina me gusta tener siempre unas hojas de laurel.In the kitchen I always like to have some bay leaves.
¿Sabes por qué cocinar con una hoja de laurel?Do you know why cook with a bay leaf?
No siento ningún sabor a la hoja de laurel.I don’t feel any taste of the bay leaf.
¿Sabes por qué debes quemar una hoja de laurel?Do you know why you should burn a bay leaf?
Me gustaría saber más sobre la hoja de laurel.I would like to know more about bay leaf.
Vi una paloma blanca con una hoja de laurel.I saw a white dove with a bay leaf.
¿Qué simboliza la hoja de laurel?What does the bay leaf symbolize?
Para muchos la hoja de laurel es símbolo de paz.For many, the bay leaf is a symbol of peace.
La hoja de laurel es una hoja común.Bay leaf is a common leaf.
Estoy cansado de buscar una hoja de laurel.I’m tired of looking for a bay leaf.
¿Para qué quieres una hoja de laurel?What do you want a bay leaf for?
Uso con frecuencia la hoja de laurel en la cocina.I frequently use bay leaf in cooking.
No uso hoja de laurel a menos que cocine carne grasa.I don’t use bay leaf unless cooking fatty meat.
La hoja de laurel no se le echa a ningún dulce.Bay leaf is not added to any candy.
He usado siempre hoja de laurel en mis recetas de cocina.I have always used bay leaf in my cooking recipes.
No creo que la hoja de laurel sirva para la repostería.I don’t think bay leaf is good for baking.
Nunca he visto una hoja de laurel de color azul.I have never seen a blue bay leaf.
No tengo hoja de laurel en mi cocina.I don’t have a bay leaf in my kitchen.
Quiero hacer una carne de cerdo y necesito al menos una hoja de laurel.I want to make a pork and I need at least one bay leaf.
He visto que la hoja de laurel está bien cara.I have seen that the bay leaf is very expensive.
¡Voy a tener que vender la hoja de laurel a 10 pesos!I’m going to have to sell the bay leaf for 10 pesos!
Procura tener siempre unas hojas de laurel en tu cocina.Try to always have some bay leaves in your kitchen.
Hoy quiero pintar la paloma con la hoja de laurel.Today I want to paint the dove with the bay leaf.
¿Has probado alguna receta con hoja de laurel?Have you tried any bay leaf recipes?

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