Baked in Spanish

Baked in Spanish

How to say baked in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice baked en español? Baked in Spanish translation: horneada(fem.), horneado(masc.)

bake- hornear

Sentences with the word bake in Spanish

Voy a hornear un pastel.I’m going to bake a cake.
Nos dedicamos a hornear pavos.We are dedicated to roasting turkeys.
Debes hornear la carne durante 15 minutos más.You should bake the meat for 15 more minutes.
¿De veras no sabes hornear?Do you really not know how to bake?
Queremos aprender a hornear.We want to learn to bake.
Vamos a hornear pizza.Let’s bake pizza.
En el horno eléctrico puse a hornear el pollo.In the electric oven I put the chicken to bake.
¿Cuánto se tarda en hornear el pan?How long does it take to bake the bread?
¿En el microondas se puede hornear?Can you bake in the microwave?
Los domingos me gusta hornear madalenas.On Sundays I like to bake muffins.
Ponte a hornear las pizzas caseras que preparé.Start baking the homemade pizzas that I prepared.
Hay que hornear bien el pan.You have to bake the bread well.
Hoy te voy a enseñar a hornear.Today I am going to teach you how to bake.
¿Quieres hornear la pierna de cerdo?Do you want to bake the pork leg?
¿Cómo se dice hornear en inglés?How do you say bake in spanish?
¿Qué tiempo demora hornear un pastel?How long does it take to bake a cake?
Para gratinar el arroz imperial lo debemos hornear.To gratin the imperial rice we must bake it.
No tengo donde hornear el pavo.I have nowhere to bake the turkey.
Me gusta el olor que desprende al hornear el cerdo.I like the smell it gives off when baking the pork.
Hoy van a hornear torticas en la dulcería.Today they are going to bake pancakes at the candy store.
Debes poner a 400 grados el horno si vas a hornear lasaña.You must put the oven at 400 degrees if you are going to bake lasagna.
Puse a hornear unos panqués.I started to bake some pancakes.
Apagaste el horno antes de acabar de hornear el pastel.You turned off the oven before you finished baking the cake.
Termina de hornear el pastel.Finish baking the cake.
Si quieres te pongo a hornear unos panes.If you want, I’ll make you bake some loaves.
Esto quedó a medio hornear.This was half baked.
Ven a hornear la masa del pie.Come bake the pie dough.
Vamos a hornear una tortilla española.We are going to bake a Spanish omelette.
¿Terminaron de hornear las galletas?Did you finish baking the cookies?
¿Cuándo vas a hornear mi pudín?When are you going to bake my pudding?

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