All Right in Spanish

How do you say ‘all right in Spanish’. ‘All right’ is used when we say that something is okay. The term describes the ability to satisfy, directly or indirectly, a human need, it is the reality of something that has a positive value and therefore is admirable.

All Right in Spanish

How to translate all right in Spanish?

all right – bien

When ‘All Right’ is an adverb:

  • To find out if are enough supplies.

Example: Are we all right with the blocks? – ¿Estamos bien con los bloques?

  • To express satisfaction

Example:    I was thinking of something different, but now it’s all right – Estaba pensando en algo diferente, pero ahora está bien.

When ‘All Right’ is an interjection:

  • To express agreement

 *bueno – good, all right

Example: All right, can I get this now? – Bueno, ¿puedo conseguir esto ahora?

*de acuerdo – agree

Example: You need to go to school tomorrow, and be on time, all right? – Tienes que ir a la escuela mañana y llegar a tiempo, ¿de acuerdo? 

  • Vale – OK, all right, good.

Example: All right, I understand you now.- Vale, te entiendo ahora.

  • For expressing approval

Example: All right, sr – Está bien, señor! 

  • When introducing a subject.

*bueno – all right, OK, good

Example: All right, who is going to complete this task? – Bueno, ¿quién va a completar esta tarea?

  • By expressing irritation.

* basta ya – enough already

Example:  All right! It’s enough – ¡Basta ya! es suficiente

When ‘All Right’ is an adjective:

  • When all right means:

*bien – well, all right, good

Example: Are you sure you all rigth? – ¿Estás seguro de que estás bien?

  • Can be used for satisfaction 

*bien – all right

Example: The dress was all right , but I would have liked it darker – El vestido estaba bien, pero me hubiese gustado más oscuro.

  • To ask permission

Example: Is it all right if I close the door? – ¿Está bien si cierro la puerta?

  • For safety

Example: I’m sure she’ll be all right.- Estoy segura de que ella estará bien.

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