Agreement of Adjectives Spanish Worksheet Answers

Here is an agreement of adjectives worksheet to help you learn Spanish:

Instructions: Choose the correct form of the adjective to match the gender and number of the noun in each sentence.

  1. Los perros son __________. (inteligente) (The dogs are intelligent.)
  2. La casa es __________. (grande) (The house is big.)
  3. Los zapatos son __________. (cómodo) (The shoes are comfortable.)
  4. Las películas son __________. (interesante) (The movies are interesting.)
  5. El libro es __________. (aburrido) (The book is boring.)
  6. Las chicas son __________. (bonito) (The girls are pretty.)
  7. Los chicos son __________. (alto) (The boys are tall.)
  8. La mesa es __________. (nuevo) (The table is new.)
  9. Las sillas son __________. (cómodo) (The chairs are comfortable.)
  10. El coche es __________. (rápido) (The car is fast.)


  1. inteligentes
  2. grande
  3. cómodos
  4. interesantes
  5. aburrido
  6. bonitas
  7. altos
  8. nueva
  9. cómodas
  10. rápido

Note: In Spanish, adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun they describe. If the noun is masculine, the adjective usually ends in “o,” and if the noun is feminine, the adjective usually ends in “a.” To make the adjective plural, “s” is added to the end of the singular form for both masculine and feminine nouns. If the noun ends in a consonant, “es” is added to make the plural.

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