Act Of Contrition in Spanish

Act Of Contrition in Spanish


The Act of Contrition is a powerful prayer within the Catholic Church that expresses remorse for sins committed and seeks forgiveness from God. In this article, we will explore the Act of Contrition in Spanish, including its translation and significance within the Spanish-speaking Catholic community.

Act of Contrition: Spanish Translation


The Spanish translation of the Act of Contrition is known as “Acto de Contrición.” This prayer is an integral part of the Catholic faith and is commonly recited during the sacrament of Confession or Reconciliation.

Significance and Usage

The Act of Contrition holds great significance for Catholics as it is a heartfelt expression of sorrow and repentance for sins committed. It serves as a personal confession and an acknowledgment of the need for God’s mercy and forgiveness.Catholics often recite the Act of Contrition during the Sacrament of Confession, where they confess their sins to a priest and seek absolution. The prayer is an essential part of the sacramental rite, reflecting the individual’s genuine contrition and desire to reconcile with God and the Church.The Act of Contrition can also be recited privately as a personal prayer, allowing individuals to examine their conscience, express remorse for their sins, and seek God’s forgiveness directly. This prayer serves as a means of spiritual reflection, healing, and renewal of one’s relationship with God.

The Act of Contrition Prayer

The Act of Contrition prayer may vary in wording, but here is a commonly used version in Spanish:”Señor mío Jesucristo,Dios y Hombre verdadero,me pesa de todo corazónhaberte ofendido.También me pesaporque puedes castigarmecon las penas del infierno.Ayudado de tu divina gracia,propongo firmemente nunca más pecar,confesarme y cumplirla penitencia que me sea impuesta.Amén.”


In conclusion, the Act of Contrition in Spanish is known as “Acto de Contrición.” This prayer holds significant meaning for Spanish-speaking Catholics as it expresses remorse for sins committed and seeks God’s forgiveness. Whether recited during the Sacrament of Confession or as a personal prayer, the Act of Contrition serves as a powerful means of reconciling with God, reflecting on one’s actions, and seeking spiritual renewal.
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