Spanish Verbs That Start With K

Spanish Verbs That Start With “K”


Spanish, like any other language, has its own unique set of verbs that start with different letters of the alphabet. In this article, we will explore a collection of Spanish verbs that start with the letter “K.” While the letter “K” is not as commonly used in Spanish as in other languages, there are still a few verbs that begin with this letter. Let’s dive into these verbs and learn how to use them in sentences.

1. Kitar (To Remove)

The verb “kitar” means “to remove” in English. It is often used when referring to taking something away or eliminating it from a particular place or situation. For example, “Kita el libro de la mesa” means “Remove the book from the table.” This verb can be used in various contexts, such as removing objects, clothes, or even ideas.

2. Karaokear (To Karaoke)

“Karaokear” is a verb derived from the English word “karaoke.” It means “to karaoke” or “to sing karaoke.” This verb is used when someone sings along to a pre-recorded instrumental track, typically in a social gathering or entertainment setting. For instance, “Vamos a karaokear esta noche” translates to “Let’s go karaoke tonight.”

3. Kamuflar (To Camouflage)

“Kamuflar” is a verb that translates to “to camouflage” in English. It refers to the act of disguising or concealing something to blend in with the surroundings. An example sentence using this verb is “El animal se kamufla en el entorno natural” (The animal camouflages itself in the natural environment). It is commonly used in discussions related to nature, military tactics, or even fashion.

4. Konservar (To Preserve)

“Konservar” is a verb that means “to preserve” in English. It is used when referring to keeping something in its original state or preventing it from decaying or deteriorating. For example, “Konserva los alimentos en el refrigerador” translates to “Preserve the food in the refrigerator.” This verb is frequently used in discussions about food preservation or conservation efforts.

5. Kortar (To Cut)

The verb “kortar” translates to “to cut” in English. It is used when referring to the action of dividing or separating something using a sharp object. For instance, “Korta el papel con las tijeras” means “Cut the paper with the scissors.” This verb can be used in various contexts, such as cutting objects, hair, or even relationships.


While the letter “K” is not as prevalent in Spanish vocabulary as in some other languages, there are still a few interesting verbs that start with this letter. From “kitar” (to remove) to “kortar” (to cut), these verbs add diversity to the Spanish language and allow us to express specific actions and concepts.

By familiarizing ourselves with verbs that start with “K” in Spanish, we expand our vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of the language. So, whether you need to remove something, sing karaoke, camouflage, preserve, or cut, these verbs will come in handy in your Spanish conversations.

Remember, language learning is an exciting journey, and exploring less common verbs like these broadens our linguistic horizons. So, practice using these “K” verbs in sentences, and have fun incorporating them into your Spanish language adventures.

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