Spanish Potatoes Cooked in Olive Oil

Spanish Potatoes Cooked in Olive Oil


Spanish cuisine is renowned for its simplicity and use of quality ingredients, and one dish that perfectly embodies this is Spanish potatoes cooked in olive oil. This traditional Spanish dish, known as “patatas bravas” or “papas arrugadas,” is a popular tapas option that is both flavorful and easy to prepare. In this article, we will explore the key elements of this delicious dish, including its history, preparation method, and serving suggestions.

History and Cultural Significance

Spanish potatoes cooked in olive oil have a rich history that dates back centuries. Potatoes, originally from the Andean region of South America, were brought to Europe by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Since then, potatoes have become a staple ingredient in Spanish cuisine, and the technique of cooking them in olive oil has been perfected over generations.This dish holds cultural significance as it is a beloved part of Spanish tapas culture. It is often enjoyed as a shared appetizer or snack in bars and restaurants throughout Spain. The simplicity of the dish allows the flavors of the potatoes and the quality of the olive oil to shine, making it a true representation of Spanish culinary traditions.

Preparation Method

The preparation of Spanish potatoes cooked in olive oil involves a few simple steps:Selecting the Potatoes: Choose waxy or new potatoes that hold their shape when cooked. This ensures a creamy texture inside while maintaining a crispy exterior.Boiling the Potatoes: Place the whole, unpeeled potatoes in a pot of salted water and bring to a boil. Cook until the potatoes are tender when pierced with a fork, usually around 20-30 minutes.Draining and Cooling: Drain the cooked potatoes and let them cool slightly. This step allows the outer skin to dry and develop a wrinkled texture, a characteristic feature of this dish.Frying in Olive Oil: Heat a generous amount of olive oil in a frying pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Carefully add the boiled potatoes to the hot oil and fry until they develop a golden brown crust. This gives them a crispy exterior while keeping the inside tender.Seasoning: Once cooked, transfer the potatoes to a serving dish and season with sea salt and any desired additional spices or herbs. Common seasonings include paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, or a drizzle of aioli sauce.

Serving Suggestions

Spanish potatoes cooked in olive oil can be enjoyed in various ways:Tapas: Serve the potatoes as a tapas dish alongside other Spanish small plates, such as patatas bravas (potatoes with spicy tomato sauce) or Spanish omelette. They are perfect for sharing and pairing with a glass of Spanish wine or a refreshing sangria.Main Course: Combine the potatoes with other ingredients like chorizo, roasted vegetables, or grilled meats to create a hearty and flavorful main course. The potatoes can serve as a versatile base for building a satisfying meal.Side Dish: Spanish potatoes cooked in olive oil make a delicious side dish for grilled or roasted meats, fish, or seafood. Their crispy exterior and creamy interior provide a delightful contrast to the main course.


Spanish potatoes cooked in olive oil, with their crispy texture and tender interior, are a delightful representation of Spanish cuisine. Whether enjoyed as a tapas dish, a main course, or a side dish, these potatoes showcase the simplicity and flavors that make Spanish cooking so beloved. Embrace the tradition of this classic dish by preparing it at home and savoring the combination of quality potatoes and the richness of olive oil that characterizes Spanish culinary excellence.
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