Spanish Last Names Starting With O

Spanish Last Names Starting With “O”


Spanish surnames have a rich history and often reflect the cultural heritage and regional origins of individuals. If you’re curious about Spanish last names that begin with the letter “O,” this article will provide you with a glimpse into some common and notable surnames that fit this category. Let’s explore the diverse world of Spanish surnames starting with “O.”

Common Spanish Last Names Starting With “O”

Here are some commonly found Spanish surnames that begin with the letter “O”:


“Ortega” is a common Spanish surname of Basque origin. It refers to someone who comes from a place named Ortega or has ancestral ties to the Ortega region. The name is often associated with strength and nobility.


The surname “Olivares” derives from the Spanish word for “olive grove” (olivar). It is commonly associated with individuals whose ancestors owned or lived near olive groves. The name represents a connection to nature and agricultural heritage.


The surname “Otero” comes from the Spanish word for “hill” (otero). It is a toponymic surname that refers to individuals who come from or live near a hill or elevated area. The name evokes a sense of geographical identity and landscape.

Notable Spanish Last Names Starting With “O”

In addition to common surnames, there are also several notable Spanish last names that start with the letter “O.” Here are a few examples:


The surname “Orellana” is derived from the Spanish word for “olive tree” (orellana). It is associated with the famous Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana, who is known for his exploration of the Amazon River. The surname represents a historical connection to exploration and adventure.


“Osorio” is a distinguished Spanish surname that traces its origins to medieval times. It is associated with noble families and signifies a lineage of power and influence. The name has historical significance and is often found among Spanish aristocracy.

Ortega y Gasset

The surname “Ortega y Gasset” is a combination of two surnames, which is not uncommon in Spanish naming traditions. It includes the surname “Ortega,” as mentioned earlier, and the surname “Gasset.” José Ortega y Gasset was a prominent Spanish philosopher and essayist of the 20th century. The combination of surnames represents an important figure in Spanish intellectual history.


Spanish last names starting with “O” encompass a wide range of origins, meanings, and historical significance. From common surnames like Ortega and Olivares to notable names such as Orellana and Ortega y Gasset, each surname tells a story and carries a sense of identity.Exploring Spanish surnames provides insight into the diverse cultural heritage of Spanish-speaking countries. Whether you’re interested in genealogy, history, or simply expanding your knowledge of Spanish names, the last names starting with “O” offer a fascinating glimpse into the tapestry of Spanish naming traditions.
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