Spanish For Goose

Spanish For Goose

The Spanish Word for Goose

If you’re interested in learning Spanish, you may have come across the need to know how to say “goose” in this beautiful language. In Spanish, the word for “goose” is “ganso.” It is a masculine noun, and its plural form is “gansos.” Now that you know the word for “goose” in Spanish, let’s explore a few related terms and phrases.

Related Words and Phrases

1. Duck

To expand your vocabulary further, it’s useful to learn the Spanish word for “duck.” The translation of “duck” is “pato.” Similarly, “ducks” is translated as “patos.”

2. Waterfowl

If you want to refer to the broader category of waterfowl, the Spanish term is “aves acuáticas.” It encompasses various species of birds that spend a significant amount of time in or around water.

3. Bird

To generalize the term and refer to any bird, including geese, you can use the word “ave” in Spanish. For instance, “geese are birds” would be translated as “los gansos son aves.”

Using “Goose” in Context

To help you understand the usage of “goose” in Spanish, here’s an example sentence:”El ganso está nadando en el lago” (The goose is swimming in the lake).


Now you have learned that “goose” in Spanish is “ganso.” Additionally, you expanded your knowledge by discovering related words like “duck,” “waterfowl,” and “bird.” Practice using these terms in sentences to improve your Spanish skills further. Learning new vocabulary is an exciting part of language acquisition, so keep exploring and building upon your knowledge. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)
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