25 in Spanish

¿Cómo se dice 25 en español? The number 25 in Spanish translation: veinticinco (twenty-five)

25 in Spanish

First of all, the number twenty-five (25), veinticinco in Spanish, is a natural number that precedes twenty-four and twenty-six. It is also the square of five. It is a semi-prime number and it is considered the 8th lucky number, a fact that many people would like to know. And it is, according to multiple scientific studies, the average percentage of DNA that a person shares with their half-brother, grandfather, grandson, uncle, aunt, niece, or nephew. The number twenty-five, as incredible as it may seem, is the sum of the odd single-digit natural numbers one, three, five, seven, and nine. Add it up and you will see that it is so. On the other hand, if we go to the charade, it means many things, like… fine stone, new house, sun, nun, frog, and some more.

It is, according to some specialists, the spiritual meaning of people who are intuitive, curious, and who, above all, think very well. It is also the number that contains much of the energy of relationships, companionship, and the expression of personal freedom.

It is also linked to intuition, hindsight, diplomacy, curiosity, and sensitivity. If we put together the months of February (2) and May (5), we managed to create the number 25. Did you know that? It is also a number that is linked to effectiveness, and cunning. And he is always capable of analyzing any problem and finding a viable and safe solution. And as if all this were not enough, scientific analysis is his intrinsic talent. On the other hand, in sports, Diego Armando Maradona would play his last match on October 25, professional in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you can see, that number is linked to many curious things in our day-to-day, some of which are not very well known.

Well, I guess now, did you know about this 25 minutes ago? Didn’t you?

How to say 25 in Spanish?

25 (twenty-five) – veinticinco

Sentences with the number 25 in Spanish

Ella le dio veinticinco euros de regalo.She gave him twenty-five euros as a gift.
Quedaban veinticinco libros en el estante.There were twenty-five books left on the shelf.
Compraste veinticinco afiches.You bought twenty-five posters.
En esa aula hay veinticinco alumnos.There are twenty-five students in that classroom.
Faltan veinticinco días para la prueba.Twenty-five days to go until the test.
El día veinticinco será feriado.The twenty-fifth day will be a holiday.
Mi prima tiene veinticinco años.My cousin is twenty-five years old.
Dentro de veinticinco minutos empieza el partido.In twenty-five minutes the game begins.
Ya incorporé a la agenda veinticinco amistades.I have already added twenty-five friends to the agenda.
El cálculo nos dio veinticinco.The calculation gave us twenty-five.
Se graduó de Farmacia a los veinticinco años.She graduated from Pharmacy at the age of twenty-five.
Cumple veinticinco años el mes que viene.She turns twenty-five next month.
Nos quedan veinticinco minutos.We have twenty-five minutes left.
La compra pesaba veinticinco kilogramos.The purchase weighed twenty-five kilograms.
La tripulación contaba con veinticinco hombres.The crew numbered twenty-five men.
Se divorciaron tras veinticinco años de matrimonio.They divorced after twenty-five years of marriage.
Ya han pasado veinticinco años.Twenty-five years have passed.
Tiene un plazo de veinticinco días.She has a term of twenty-five days.
Me dieron veinticinco días de garantía.They gave me a twenty-five day guarantee.
Hay un jubileo normalmente cada veinticinco años.There is a jubilee normally every twenty-five years.
A ese cuaderno le quedan veinticinco páginas.That notebook has twenty-five pages left.
Bajó un muchacho de unos veinticinco años.A boy about twenty-five years old got out.
Le trajo un ramo con veinticinco rosas.He brought her a bouquet with twenty-five roses.
En el evento estaban los veinticinco participantes.Twenty-five participants were at the event.
Publicaron veinticinco artículos en la revista.Twenty-five articles were published in the magazine.
Eso no cuesta más de veinticinco dólares.That doesn’t cost more than twenty-five dollars.
Él dio su primer viaje a los veinticinco años.He gave the first trip of his at twenty-five years.
Dentro de veinticinco minutos voy a salir.In twenty-five minutes I’m going out.
A las ocho y veinticinco de la mañana tengo consulta con mi doctor.At eight twenty-five in the morning I have an appointment with my doctor.
Llegué veinticinco minutos antes de que empezara todo.I arrived twenty-five minutes before everything started.

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