Ay Papi in Spanish

Ay Papi in Spanish
Ay Papi in Spanish

How to translate ay papi in Spanish?

oh daddy – ay papi

Sentences with the phrase ay papi in Spanish

Ay papi, ¿qué va a ser de mí?Oh daddy, what will become of me?
Pero te lo dije, ay papi, si te vas a poner así.But I told you, oh daddy, if you’re going to get like this.
Tenía muchas ganas de que estuvieras aquí, ay papi.I really wanted you to be here, oh daddy.
¿Por qué haces eso, ay papi?Why do you do that, oh daddy?
No me digas, ay papi.Don’t tell me, oh daddy.
¡Qué gran noticia, ay papi!What great news, oh daddy!
Se lo va a contar a todos, ay papi.He’s going to tell everyone, oh daddy.
Ay papi, ayúdame con esto.Oh daddy, help me with this.
Estoy triste, ay papi.I’m sad, oh daddy.
Solo te tengo a ti, ay papi.I only have you, oh daddy.
Siempre escucho tus consejos, ay papi.I always listen to your advice, oh daddy.
Ay papi, ¿cuándo vas a venir?Oh daddy, when are you coming?
Te estaba esperando, ay papi.I was waiting for you, oh daddy.
Siempre te extraño por la noche, ay papi.I always miss you at night, oh daddy.
Ay papi, qué cosas más cómicas dices.´Oh daddy, what funniest things you say.´
¡Qué sorpresa, ay papi!What a surprise, oh daddy!
Deja que ella se entere, ay papi.Let her know, oh daddy.
Ayer te vi, ay papi.I saw you yesterday, oh daddy.
¡Qué ocurrente, ay papi!How witty, oh daddy!
Pasó un buen susto, ay papi.She had a good scare, oh daddy.
Ay papi, pensé que te habías ido.Oh daddy, I thought you were gone.
¿Qué vamos a hacer, ay papi?What are we going to do, oh daddy?
Me sorprendiste, ay papi.You surprised me, oh daddy.
Ay papi, es un gusto verte de nuevo.Oh daddy, it’s nice to see you again.
Muchas felicidades, ay papi.Congratulations, oh daddy.
No me dijiste nada de lo ocurrido, ay papi.You didn’t tell me anything about what happened, oh daddy.
¿Pero qué fue lo que sucedió, ay papi?But what happened, oh daddy?
Ya me enteré, ay papi.I already found out, oh daddy.
Debes darle las gracias, ay papi.You should thank him, oh daddy.
No sé cómo expresar mi alegría, ay papi.I don’t know how to express my joy, oh daddy.
No te conocía, ay papi.I didn’t know you, oh daddy.
¡Cómo has cambiado, ay papi!How you’ve changed, oh daddy!
Pasó un buen momento, ay papi.You had a good time, oh daddy.
Ay papi, pensé que no ibas a venir.Oh daddy, I thought you weren’t coming.
¿Ellos van a venir con nosotros, ay papi?Are they going to come with us, oh daddy?
¿Por qué los invitaste, ay papi?Why did you invite them, oh daddy?
Ay papi, estoy muy contenta de verte.Oh daddy, I’m so glad to see you.
¡Hoy es su cumpleaños, ay papi!Today is your birthday, oh daddy!
¿Qué vas a hacer, ay papi?What are you going to do, oh daddy?
Cuéntame lo que ocurrió, ay papi.Tell me what happened, oh daddy.
No quiero escuchar eso, ay papi.I don’t want to hear that, oh daddy.
Ya se conocía, ay papi.It was already known, oh daddy.
Ay papi, pero yo no lo sabía.Oh daddy, but I didn’t know.
No digas eso, ay papi.Don’t say that, oh daddy.
Te lo advertí antes de venir, ay papi.I warned you before I came, oh daddy.
Sabía que ibas a venir, ay papi.I knew you were coming, oh daddy.
¡Ay papi, qué oportuno!Oh daddy, how opportune!
Ya sé lo que me vas a decir, ay papi.I already know what you’re going to tell me, oh daddy.
Estoy encantada, ay papi.I’m delighted, oh daddy.
Ya se lo contaste a ella, ay papi.You already told her, oh daddy.
Es una noticia increíble, ay papi.This is incredible news, oh daddy.
Ay papi, felicidades.Oh daddy, congratulations.
¡Qué haría sin ti, ay papi!What would I do without you, oh daddy!
Me has ayudado mucho, ay papi.You’ve helped me a lot, oh daddy.
Te deseo muchos éxitos, ay papi.I wish you much success, oh daddy.
Ay papi, todo saldrá bien.Oh daddy, everything will be alright.
Ella no sabe que vas a venir, ay papi.She doesn’t know you’re coming, oh daddy.
Es un detalle muy bonito, ay papi.It’s a very nice detail, oh daddy.
Ya viene a buscarte, ay papi.She’s already coming to look for you, oh daddy.
Ay papi, deja que se entere.Oh daddy, she lets him know.

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