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Potencia in Spanish

Potencia in Spanish

How do you say ‘potencia in Spanish’?. Potencia is a Spanish word that is heard a lot and is a measure of the rate at which work is done. There are different types of ‘potencia’ and they have various uses and meanings in different fields such as Physics, Mathematics, and Philosophy. In a generic way, it is the ability or possibility to do or generate something. ‘Potencia’ is also a person, entity, state, or nation that possesses great influence, strength, or power.

Potencia in Spanish

How to translate potencia in Spanish?

potencia – power

la potencia – the power



Ella tiene un gran poder
¡Tiene un tremendo poder!
Eso es un poder real
Este poder está fuera
¡Tu poder es asombroso!
El poder de tus palabras
El poder de trabajar duro
¡Necesito más poder!
¿Poder de qué?
Poder lo es todo
Nancy tienes mucho poder
El poder está a la derecha


She has great power
She has tremendous power!
That’s a real power
This power is out
Your power is amazing!
The power of your words
The power of hard work
I need more power!
Power of what?
Power is everything
Nancy, you have a lot of power
Power is on the right

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