Peleo in English

Peleo in English

How do you say peleo in English?. The conjugated verb ‘peleo’ comes from the infinitive ‘pelear’. ‘Peleo’ is the verb ‘pelear’ conjugated in the verb tense: present simple of the first person singular.

Peleo in English

How to translate ‘peleo’ in English?

peleo – I fight

pelear – to fight



Yo peleo con ella.
Sí, yo peleo con él.
Me preocupa mi situación, porque yo peleo mucho con ella.
Quizás peleo mucho.
A lo mejor yo peleo mucho.
Necesito cuidarme, porque yo peleo mucho.
Grito y peleo mucho.
Dice ella que yo peleo mucho.
Todos comentan que yo peleo mucho.
Mi mamá me dice que yo peleo mucho.
Te lo dije, yo peleo mucho.
Sí, también yo peleo mucho.
Peleo por todo.
Peleo porque eso no me gusta.
Hoy peleo contra él.
Yo no peleo hoy.
En la competencia yo peleo contra Juan.
Yo peleo por ella.
Yo peleo por ustedes.


I fight with her.
Yes, I fight him.
I worry about my situation because I fight a lot with her.
Maybe I fight a lot.
Maybe I fight a lot.
I need to take care of myself because I fight a lot.
I scream and fight a lot.
She says that I fight a lot.
Everyone says that I fight a lot.
My mom tells me that I fight a lot.
I told you, I fight a lot.
Yes, I also fight a lot.
I fight for everything.
I fight because I don’t like that.
Today I fight him.
I don’t fight today.
In the competition, I fight Juan.
I fight for her.
I fight for you.

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