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Wife in Spanish

wife in Spanish

How do you say ‘wife in Spanish’?. Wife is a word that comes from the Latin sponsus. The word wife is a noun used to define any woman who is married to her husband.

wife in Spanish

How to translate wife in Spanish?

wife – esposa

wives – esposas

husband – esposo, marido

husbands – esposos, maridos

But be careful, the word ‘esposa’ in Spanish is also a conjugation that comes from the verb ‘esposar’ which is the action of holding the wrists of a person and handcuffing them with handcuffs, these are usually used by the police to arrest the suspect of something that happened.

handcuff – esposar

handcuffed – esposado(a)

handcuff (noun) – esposa


Luisa: ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas con tu esposa? | How long have you been with your wife?
Marcos: Mi esposa y yo llevamos quince años juntos | My wife and I have been together for fifteen years


Mi esposa y yo somos felices
Tu esposa es muy inteligente
Mi esposa es hermosa
La esposa de Edison es ingeniera
Su esposa se llama María y habla Español
Sus esposas son gemelas


My wife and I are happy
Your wife is very smart
My wife is beautiful
Edison’s wife is an engineer
His wife’s name is María and she speaks Spanish
His wives are twins

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