Vaccine in Spanish

Vaccine in Spanish

How do you say ‘vaccine in Spanish’?. A vaccine is a substance composed, or prepared by a suspension of microorganisms, whether weakened, alive, attenuated or dead, that are introduced into the body to avoid, prevent and treat certain infectious diseases. Vaccines stimulate the formation of antibodies, thereby achieving immunization against these diseases.

The objective of vaccines is to stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanisms so that they produce specific antibodies against a particular germ and that the person’s body can face this attack.

Vaccine in Spanish

How to translate vaccine in Spanish?

vaccine – vacuna

vaccination – vacunación


Luisa: ¿Cuándo vas a ponerte la vacuna? | When are you going to get the vaccine?

Marcos: Mañana a las diez de la mañana | Tomorrow at ten in the morning


Las vacunas son importantes
Las vacunas pueden salvar vidas
El proceso de vacunación ya ha comenzado
En el hospital ya están vacunando
Ayer me vacuné
La vacuna covid es muy efectiva
Todos nos vacunamos
El centro de vacunación está cerca de aquí.


Vaccines are important
Vaccines can save lives
The vaccination process has already started
In the hospital they are already vaccinating
Yesterday I got vaccinated
The covid vaccine is very effective
We all get vaccinated
The vaccination center is near here.

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