Sounds Good in Spanish

Sounds Good in Spanish

How do you say ‘ sounds good in Spanish?’. ‘Sounds good’ is a phrase used when we evaluate a sound or information in a positive way. It can be used to describe music and is also used when someone informs you of something and you agree with the idea.

Sounds Good in Spanish

How to translate sounds good in Spanish?

sounds good – suena bien

sounds great – suena muy bien

Conversation 1 :

Lily: Suena bien el nuevo cd de Pedro | Pedro’s new CD sounds good

Carlos: Sí, suena muy bien | Yes, it sounds great

Conversation 2 :

Lily: Carlos, vamos a tener que comprar un televisor nuevo | Carlos, we are going to have to buy a new television.

Carlos: Sí, suena bien | Yes, it sounds good


Suena bien la canción de la radio
Suena bien eso de irnos de vacaciones
Suena bien la melodía


The song on the radio sounds good
That sounds good about going on vacation
The melody sounds good

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