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She is Spanish

She is Spanish

How do you say ‘she in Spanish’?. She is a personal pronoun, it is the third person singular in the feminine gender. The opposite of ‘she’ is he, he is the personal pronoun of the third person singular in the masculine gender.

She is Spanish

How to translate she in Spanish?

she – ella


Olga: Ella es muy sincera | She is very sincere
James: Sí, es cierto | Yes it’s correct


Ella es muy inteligente
Ella y yo somos felices
Marcos y ella están juntos
Ella es nuestra prima
Ella tiene cinco hijos
Ella es rápida
A ella le gusta cocinar
Ella está casada
Ella fue al mercado
Ella nunca sale
Ella es muy callada


She is very smart
She and I are happy
Marcos and she are together
She is our cousin
She has five children
She is fast
She likes to cook
She is married
She went to the market
She never goes out
She is very quiet

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