Root Canal in Spanish

Root Canal in Spanish

How do you say ‘root canal in Spanish’?. When we talk about root canal we refer to a soft tissue within the tooth, which is located under the gum, specifically the roots of the tooth. The goal of this root canal is to remove some or all of this tissue and its nerves if the tooth has become infected.
One of the most common symptoms that people experience is when the tooth begins to hurt. You may also notice that the gums around the tooth will appear swollen and if the pain is specific to a tooth, the danger is that the soft tissue of the tooth has become infected and needs a root canal.

Root Canal in Spanish

How to translate root canal in Spanish?

root canal – canal de raíz


Luisa: Tengo que hacerme el tratamiento del canal de raíz | I have to get a root canal treatment
Marcos: Guau, tal vez debería hacérmelo también | Wow, maybe I should do it too


El canal de raíz es un tratamiento sencillo
Necesitas hacerte el canal de raíz
Me van a hacer un canal de raíz
Me hicieron un canal de raíz
Ella recomienda hacerme un canal de raíz
Marcos se hizo el tratamiento del canal de raíz
El tratamiento del canal de raíz me quitará el dolor


The root canal is a simple treatment
You need to get the root canal
They are going to make me a root canal
They made me a root canal
She recommends getting a root canal
Marcos had the root canal treatment
Root canal treatment will take away the pain

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